Testimonials from our clients

We initially appointed Juan Pacheco & Asociados to conduct a building health check at our Complex. Juan produced a comprehensive report which detailed the underlying causes of the cracks that had appeared over time, at some of our properties .He also outlined his recommendations to repair the cracks, and to deal with build defects prior to us starting a program to paint the entire Complex o  bungalows, penthouses, townhouses and an apartment block.


As soon as it was decided to go ahead with the project and Juan´s recommendations, he produced a bill of quantities for the works and was involved throughout with contractor sourcing, tender analysis, building licences, project management and even a new colour scheme design for the apartment building. This work represented a major project for our Committee, and I have no doubt that it could not have been completed successfully without the help and guidance of Juan Pacheco and his team.


Juan operates in a very professional and helpful manner, but manages to combine this with good humour and is a pleasure to work along with. I have no hesitation in recommending Juan Pacheco & Asociados .

David Newman

President Albatros Residencia Los Alcazares

We have requested the services of the company Pacheco & Asociados with the aim of carrying out the transfer to a new location. The project was the design of the new office, including all the planning, organization of the works, purchase of furniture, decoration and negotiation.


During this process, the behavior of Juan and his team has been highly professional, to the point of feeling completely confident with this service. When dealing with aspects such as negotiating with the owner, requesting and obtaining license permits, facilities for technical things beyond our reach. In addition, Juan has used his knowledge of English to make translations related to varied topics with the aim of facilitating communications.


Once his contractual obligations are finalized, Juan has continued with the supervision of associated issues, to provide us with peace of mind and to confirm that his status of perfection without conditions.


At the beginning of this process, I did not know exactly what the value in using an architect was but the results obtained have been higher than expected.


Your service is highly professional and affordable.


Personally, I can recommend these services with full confidence.

Carol Wolstenholme



"Der Architekt Herr Juan Pacheco hat für uns hervorragende Arbeit geleistet:

In einem durch Bauverzögerung wegen Todesfalls des Bauherrn und Ausfall des früheren Architekten hat er sich engagiert in die komplizierte Materie eingearbeit.


Er musste neue Baupläne erstellen und hat sich mit der nötigen Hartnäckigkeit in den schwierigen Kampf  mit den lokalen Behörden gestürzt.


Ihm ist es zu verdanken, dass das Projekt abgeschlossen werden konnte. Wir sind ihm sehr dankbar und können ihn uneingeschränkt empfehlen."

S.G. und Dr. J.P.



I have known Juan Pacheco for several years, he has been very helpful with many legal and planning situations. He has drawn up excellent plans for my land as well as given me loads of help and advice, he also was a huge help in gaining the electric supply needed on my land. I have also used Juan for my energy certificate needed during the process of selling my house.

I would have no problem recomending Juan to every one. I will always use him if an Architect is required.

Jeanette and Claire Norris-Crofts

I was very impressed when I came across Pacheco & Asociados. I found them very informative, dealing with not only having plans drawn up but also with the legality of obtaining building licences and permits.


I contacted Pacheco & Asociados and was invited to the studio and introduced to the staff and saw many of their developments, which were very remarkable. I would highly recommend Pacheco & Asociados to any new expats and to all persons living here.

Colin Franklin


I was fortunate to be introduced to Juan Pacheco by a friend in 2012.  Professional, articulate and speaking perfect English, Juan has proved to be a valuable asset to my life in Spain.  He has been able to handle, Town Hall Building Licenses, Energy Certificates for my rented house and apartments and other planning matters, efficiently and at comfortable cost. 


This is a firm to trust implicitly, a firm of integrity who I have no hesitation in recommending to my friends and associates here in Murcia. 

Janet Moorlen


The Las Marquesas III community employed Juan Pacheco to complete a detailed survey and to provide advice and support on an important project for us.


From the first day that we met Juan we were very impressed with his professional and informed approach; he understands so much more than simply architectural issues! Juan brought also his emotional intelligence and clear ways of working and communicating, both verbally and in writing.


Whatever he had committed to do, he did fully and professionally and to the agreed time scale; his report was written with clarity and he spent time to discuss it in full to be sure we had really understood. His recommendations have helped and reassured us. We would certainly recommend him to others.

Tony Kopec (President)

Barbara Chidgey (Vice President)


Arkitekt Juan Pacheco har hjälpt oss ned ett omfattande byggnadsprojekt i området Playa Flamenca, Orihela Costa år 2013.


Professionell, ärlig och pålitlig arkitekt till låg kostnad Det vet vi då vi kontaktade flera. Han presenterade ritningar i 3D och gjorde kostnadsberäkningar utifrån datamodellen. Mycket lätt att samarbeta ned och pratar perfekt engelska.


Han har bra kontakt med myndigheter och vet vad som gäller. Det är mycket viktigt i Spanien.

Han hjälpte oss även med andra dokument som vi inte klarat själva eller annan arkitekt klarat. Dessutom utan kostnad.


Det finns inte ord för att rekommendera arkitekt Juan Pacheco.

Hans och Roza Carlsson


Ich bin Deutsche und lebe seit Jahren in Spanien und spreche sehr gut spanisch.


Deutsche Freunde, die nicht spanisch sprechen, baten mich mit dem Architekten Juan Pacheco zu sprechen und sie zu begleiten zu Terminen sowie seine Nachrichten und die Korrespondenz zu übersetzen.


Das was ich aus meiner Erfahrung sagen ist nur Gutes über Juan und ich kann sagen, dass er immer für seine Kunden da ist, immer pünktlich bei allen Besprechungen und auch bei schwierigen Dingen, wie ich sie zuletzt miterlebt habe, bei einer sehr schwierigen Sache für die Erlangung einer Wohnbarkeitsbescheinigung, versucht er alles mit seiner ganzen Kraft um dieses Problem zu lösen.


Ich kann Juan Pacheco nur empfehlen.

Anna Berger


 Professional fast service would highly recommend.

Steven Anderson


Very pleased with Juans advice and drawings.

Tony Raffermati


I like to say big thank you to Juan Pacheco for a first class services from  day one I knew my project was in safe hands. I recommend his services to any one over there or here in UK.


Thanks again Juan.

Joe Benddif


 I think your services are excellent and very good service and thanks again.

Martin Benddif

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