Structural Reports

Who is this service for?


Anyone who has a construction problem in their home or building.


What is this service about?


  • First, we will analyse the scope of the construction problem and we will make a first assessment analysing the pathologies encountered.
  • We will visit the building and make a detailed study of any possible problem.
  • After this examination we will proceed to the carrying out of the report where we will evaluate the observed pathologies and their possible solutions.
  • We take care of the supervision and coordination of the repair works in case it is necessary.


Many times, a simple visual inspection is not enough, because there may be hidden defects, so it may be necessary to carry out inspection holes, load tests, or other tests that we think are more convenient to efficiently analyse the problem.


Depending on the nature of the report, we can propose different solutions to these pathologies and quantify the price of your arrangement. Other times the important thing is to know why these pathologies have occurred and to determine their causes, in addition to quantifying and assessing the possible compensation.




The most common pathologies are usually humidity, cracks, structural problems on the façade, construction defects, subsidence of foundations due to expansive clay, etc.

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