Legalization of planning infringements

Who is this service for?


For any citizen who has committed a deliberate (or not) urban infractions; or for those who have inherited the infringement when buying a building or villa.


We carry out the legalization of any illegal housing, without the correspondent building licence. Any extension or reform that has been made without the corresponding work license requires legalization, to avoid possible sanctions. In the event that extensions have been made, they should be included in the deed of the home.


From Pacheco & Asociados we will contact directly with the technicians of the pertinent city council to confirm first hand if the existing works can be legalized.



What is this service about?


  • If the information obtained from the town hall confirms that we can proceed to its legalization, we will carry out the development of the complete project, which we will present to the town hall.
  • We manage any additional paperwork until obtaining the building license as proof of legalization.

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