Official agent for the sareb

Pacheco & Asociados is an official agent for the SAREB and therefore offers a wide selection of all types of Property from the restructuring stocks directly from the banks.


Our range of properties consists of: Rustic land with and without planning approval, Residential properties, Offices, Warehouses, Commercial premises and hotels.

The stock list is very extensive with large listings of Rustic land. We also have a large number of apartments, ideal for homes in the middle of nature.

How to access information on a property?

If you are interested in some kind of property just have to put directly with Pacheco & Asociados and we will make all necessary filters and checks to save you time and multiple problems that may arise when selecting a property that does not meet your planning requirements. After all, we are expert planners.


How is the area of ​​Murcia and Alicante?

The highland region of Murcia and Alicante is in the western sector of Spain and hosts a lot of different elements with the most widespread of landscapes. It emerges between valleys and impressive mountains with the sea at the horizon. This mountainous region of western Spain consists of many municipalities limited by the provinces of Valencia, Albacete and Granada.


This border has historically endowed this region with a wealth of culture and variety of traditions. Overall it is a Mediterranean climate zone, with warm summers and mild winters, but associated with the variation in altitude of the territory, becoming cooler in the far highlands and wormer near to the sea. Its mild climate, the fertility of their land and its rain index, greater than the average have made these regions since the most remote days a place chosen by many prehistory cultures to the present day as their home.