Landscaping architecture

Pacheco & Asociados is the home of leading landscape architects in Spain with a vast experience in all building types and landscape. Landscape is a relative new concept in Spain when applied to the segment of residential landscape architectural. We proudly brought from Costa del Sol to the rest of Spain as long ago as the 1980´s the concept of architecture wrapped up in soft and hard landscape as we have proved it at La Manga Club, all accomplished by one team of architects.

We execute projects using a mixture of, arts, science and technical knowhow dealing with critical issues related to global landscapes which of course it must include a close study and investigation of the location and the available plants of the locality.

Our projects normally include a Landscape Design at very competitive price. We will also help our clients to significantly reduce their operating expenses if we are commissioned for both the architectural project and the landscape design at the same time, as we need less time to process the architectural input because it emanates from our own staff. Only one group of professional will deal with the complete project faster and more economically.

We have designed many thousands of square meters of lavish gardens. We design every aspect of the landscape environment!


An award winning landscape design!

Ochando Golf. Two 18 holes golf courses and 3.000 dwelling.
Ochando Golf. Two 18 holes golf courses and 3.000 dwelling.

Ochando Golf

3.000.000m2 of gardens and golf courses!!

Two 18 holes golf courses and thousands of individual gardens designed to the highest European standard.

Basically, Pacheco & Asociados will help you with the necessary services that are required in the construction of buildings, landscapes or monuments design. You can benefit from our services making a dream resort or simply your own house into a reality.

It’s a dream of every person and family members to have a home of their own that have been created from the start participating with Pacheco & Asociados designers in the creative process but due to many circumstance they were not able to do so.


If you are about to start an architectonic project, do call us before you commit yourself as you may be surprised that even with a limited budget you may achieve what you thought it was impossible. 


Pacheco & Asociados can certainly help you with a lot of options and you are sure to value our efforts by working with us. As we normally buy plants in bulks we can obtain much lower prices for you than you if you contract the soft landscape direct yourself.

Reduction of more than 10% which more that will pay for our services.

Concepts without problems

Our concept design becomes a reality without any problems.
Our concept design becomes a reality without any problems.