New Build

Who is this service for?


At Pacheco & Asociados Architects we love designing familiar and welcoming homes, but we also love designing modern urbanizations full of life and style.


If you are a property developer and are thinking to start a new urbanization, you can be backed up by a team of professionals with ample experience in Spanish town planning.




In Pacheco & Asociados we advise you and we commit ourselves to build a functional, practical, avant-garde design, choosing quality materials at competitive prices.


All our projects include bill of quantities to obtain quotes from different contractors.



We can help you from designing a project to the completed turnkey project, using our own construction service. Of course always complying with the appropriate closed budget before starting the work and committing in a timely manner to a scheduled delivery.

What is this service about?


  • The first consultation with our team is free and in it we will analyse your needs and study your objectives.We will talk about design, use of space, materials, planning regulations...
  • Once the services have been agreed and budgeted, we will visit the land and make an assessment to know any problem or any special characteristic.
  • Design of first 3D sketches for an optimal perception of the design of our projects.
  • Once approved the design of the house, we carry out the detail project, where we will analyse and define the characteristics of the building. The detail project will be delivered to the corresponding City Council to obtain the construction license and obtain different contractors’ budgets, if requested by the client.
  • Supervision and coordination of construction works, carrying out the different building certificates during all phases of construction.
  • At the end of the work, we will deliver the final certificate of work.


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As it is impossible to know in detail every case asked in this blog, all our replies are given in good faith but we strongly suggest that you obtain private advice from a solicitor /and /or  architect who will be able to study in depth your own particular case.

Al ser imposible conocer en profundidad cada caso, todos los consejos y contestaciones a la preguntas realizadas en este blog, los consejos dados son propiciado en términos generales por lo que se deberá contrastar con el asesoramiento privado de un abogado  y/o un arquitecto para estudiar en profundidad su caso.