Interior Design for Commercial Buildings

Who is this service for?


In Pacheco & Asociados Architects we carry out interior reforms for shops, business offices and all kinds of premises that are accessible to the public.


We will realistically calculate a first budget that is within the possibilities for reform. Once our fees have been agreed, we can prepare the project.


Whatever the purpose of the reform, we will carry out a complete development of all needs. We will advise you on the entire process, including the possibility of advice to access a grant or request a low interest credit.

We develop commercial projects taking into account the local regulations and the necessary technical facilities to finish an attractive commercial space, but also functional. We will analyse the factors to create an attractive space and we will take into account practical and functional aspects in relation to technical installations, security, fires regulations etc.


We will create the work environment that best suits your business model, through a detailed project and manage all construction operations.

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As it is impossible to know in detail every case asked in this blog, all our replies are given in good faith but we strongly suggest that you obtain private advice from a solicitor /and /or  architect who will be able to study in depth your own particular case.

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