certificates of first, second occupation or change of use

Certificates of first or second occupation


The second occupation license or certificate is an administrative process that aims to demonstrate that a particular house can be inhabited having first being inspected for  the purpose of health, soundness or hygiene and carried out for second hand homes.


The certificate of occupancy or certificate of first occupation for new build verifies the conformity of the building with the construction project, which ensures the occupation and use of the house, enabling the owner to contract electricity, water, gas, telephone and other essential services. We must bear in mind that in order to make the occupation of our home possible, it must meet optimal conditions of habitability, safety, soundness and safety. All of these must be duly certified by a registered architect or engineer.


Change of use


It is very common to transform a disused commercial premises into a comfortable family home for rent or sale, giving out this property assuming the cost of reform. This change of use is managed through the creation of a technical project which show how the change from commercial to residential use is carried out.


In Pacheco & Asociados we take care of all the bureaucratic procedure to register the premises as a home in the Property Registry.

After this process, with our reform project you can contact different contractors to complete the work if needed.



What is this service about?


  • License of first or second occupation. The first step is to contact the local authorities to check if there is a problem, and then we will plan all the steps to obtain the first or second occupation license.
  • Same as the previous process with the change of use, we will contact the city council as each one has its own urban regulations so each case can vary somewhat.
  • We will carry out the detail project of change of use from a commercial unit to housing or vice versa in accordance with the regulations of its City Council, authorized by the College of architects.
  • The next step is the presentation of the project to the Town Hall, where the relevant taxes need to be paid and wait for the revision of the same by the municipal technical services for the granting of the license to reform the premises and/or the license for change of use.
  • After this procedure, the City Council will grant the Municipal License of First Occupation, Second or change of use.
  • If it is a Municipal License of First Occupation or change of use, you can proceed before a notary, to deed the house or the Change of Use from commercial unit to housing or vice versa.
  • The deed will be deposited in the Property Registry. This is officially registered and will appear in the cadastre as official housing.


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