Villa at Hacienda del Álamo (Murcia)



Villa at Hacienda del Álamo Urbanization

Our client was very clear about what he wanted: a large family home that lasted for a long time and kept an area open to the large back lot.

A large hall as the main axis

The main axis of the house is a large central hall with a double height and topped with an interior dome. This distribution brings a noble space and a lot of character.


This room is opened, in its entirety, through folding doors to an interior courtyard that form the two wings of the building; This in turn joins the outside of the plot.


With this distribution we achieve a unique and charming space, maintaining a harmony in the construction.



Project details




In the design of this villa, we had the central hall as its main axis. On the one hand, on the inside it brings a distinguished and well-organized air; On the outside, the living room opens to the outside through folding doors.


The large pool provides all the conditions to enjoy the tranquility of the area. The big fountain joins all the spaces of the pool.


Where it is?