three thousands dwellings and two eighteen golf courses


Ochando Golf, Murcia



3.000 Dwellings and two 18 holes golf courses.

This major project was undertaken from conception including the management of all the planning  procedures and calculation of all the main infrastructure required for the development.


From individual villas to condominiums all designed by our cometed team.

A complete arrays of types of dwellings , town houses, apartments and individual villas all designed with the traditional Spanish style.


Not only houses but a sport centre and club house was included, 

A major club house was designed together with a sport centre to make this development a top resort.



Project Details

Our team of professionals had invest in more than five years of hard work in managing planning approval procedures before we could start any architectural design due to the environmental complications involving two eighteen holes golf coursed and a sewage treatment plant to treat sewarage from three thousand dwellings


From planning procedures to infrastructure design.

To develop more than 3.000.000 m2 is not an easy task as include the design of roads, medium, high tension electricity, sewerage treatment plant etc and include  two golf courses was no problem for our team determination to put this project on its course. Multiple negotiations with the local and communal authorities took place and were taken to good port.


The architectural designed started on 2006 when the show houses were built.

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