Moneycorp headquarters


Office design for Moneycorp



Moneycorp is a company founded in 1962 in the United Kingdom and in continuous international expansion. It is dedicated to currency exchange. The offices are distributed around the United Kingdom, Florida, Spain, Ireland and France. The new headquarters is located in the Ciudad Quesada Urbanization, Rojales (Alicante).


It was necessary to redistribute and redesign this headquarters since the building was occupied by a bank branch. Endowing it with the corporate image of the company and its values was our main objective.


The new headquarters is divided into a comfortable waiting room, attractive and bright for customers. In another independent space is the work area of the Moneycorp team, divided into 8 work spaces; the meeting room is dominated by a large central table and the decoration maintains the aesthetics in red and black colors of the Moneycorp image. Another room is dedicated to company meetings, conferences and courses; an office for the staff with kitchen; warehouse for materials and toilets.


The result is a modern, functional and luminous space with the aim that both customers and workers are in the best atmosphere.


The red color of the corporate image of Moneycorp stands out in details such as the main wall and part of the furniture as chairs and armchairs, in contrast to the black that always brings elegance and personality.


Project details




     Specifically, it is a project for the redistribution of offices. The plant is divided into:

  • Waiting room for clients
  • Workspace for 8 people
  • Meeting room with clients
  • Meeting room, conferences and courses
  • Office with kitchen
  • Warehouse
  • Toilets

Where is it?

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