3 luxury villas at altaona golf and country village

Villa Horizon
Villa Horizon
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Villa Aqua
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Villa Olimpo

Altaona Golf and Country Village 


Murcia is a home. A place where the king star shines every place, more than 300 days a year. We have worked for many months in the design and construction of 4 villas in Altaona Golf and Country Village.


The Mediterranean architecture is exterior, faces and merges with the landscape and the sun. Sunlight is life, illuminating meeting places and retreats, giving us sunrises and quiet nights.


Altaona was chosen for its perfect location just over 10 minutes from the center of the charming city of Murcia, a cozy city. A city that lives outdoors, in the many terraces of its streets and squares.


Altaona Golf and Country Village is located at the foot of  "El Valle and Carrascoy Regional Park", which flank the city of Murcia and act as a green lung. A mountain chain crisscrossed by paths between pines, ideal for long walks or mountain bike rides. Among its treasures is the Fuensanta sanctuary, overlooking the city and center of a famous annual pilgrimage.


We have carried out the design and construction of these 4 luxury villas and the parador that are part of Altaona Golf and Country Village.


The parador is the beating heart of Altaona. A traditional square and a meeting point for the neighbourhood, where traditions and cuisine converge. Crowned by a traditional mediterranean-style chapel, its bell tower overlooks the tree-lined pavement and lends all its charm to this spot.


In Altaona, the houses take their air from the surrounding landscape, become one with nature through their terraces and large glass panes. Water and light, essential elements of life, flow through these homes, and their inhabitants are always at one with them.


The Region of Murcia is located in a privileged environment in the South of Spain. When you travel it's 252 kilometers of coastline, one sneaks in without noticing it in that geographical singularity of 22 kilometers of sand that separates its two seas: the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor, called La Manga. Fine sandy beaches, water sports, hot spring spas, gastronomy and the opportunity to explore both its inland lands and its four cities full of an unparalleled historical heritage. But the Region of Murcia is also a golf destination with a course for each player due to the great variety of them.


History of Mosa trajectum. (Altaona Village)

Situated in Baños y Mendigos  a district belonging of the municipality of Murcia. It is located south of the Carrascoy mountain range, in the so-called Campo de Murcia, located in the natural region of Campo de Cartagena. In 2019 the town had a population of 681 inhabitants according to official figures from the INE. The district has an area of 59,275 km². It is located about 20 km south of the center of Murcia.

The origin of the name of this district is not entirely clear. Traditionally, its origin has been sought and explained in the existence in the place of a birth with a small flow that was collected in a large pond whose waters were used for irrigation, but that in summer the inhabitants of the area used for bathing. , hence the term "Baños". (Baths) As for the second term "Mendigos", (Beggar), it has also been maintained that it derives from the fact that a beggar lived in the small hermitage built on the site, although others speak of a hermit.

In Baños y Mendigo, like other traditionally agricultural districts in the Murcian countryside, there is an expansion of tourist infrastructures. In Baños y Mendigo is the Mosa Trajectum urbanization, with 1,500 chalets, a shopping area, future luxury hotels and a golf course. 


Long History.

The history of Mosa Trajectum dates back to 1997 and the luxury urbanization that promoted the former footballer and former Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff, his image seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His manager, Roberto Vázquez, makes a quick chronology of the events. "To carry out the project the group was financed since 1997 by the Dutch bank Bouwfonds Property Finance BV, which was 100% owned by the financial entity ABN Amro Bank BV This bank was declared bankrupt in 2007 and sold to SNS -Holland. Unfortunately , this bank was also a victim of the economic crisis and was also declared in liquidation at the beginning of 2010. Due to these two bankruptcies, the financing of Colmar Group Spain, a company integrated in The Key and owner of a large part of the land, had to be canceled in advance. from Mosa Trajectum ".

Colmar Group Spain SNS-Holland was demanding the payment of a debt of 77.6 million euros –15.6 in interest - and the lack of liquidity of the construction company caused the court to seize most of the land of Mosa Trajectum, which nobody wanted to buy in the auction called for last July the 12th.


The Golf Course.

The Golf Course. in Mosa Trajectum is an excellent golf course newly redesigned in a residential environment. The course  in an area of flat topography. With a width of more than 120m between plots, it allows the planning of a 100% safe golf course for homes.

In 1998, Johan Cruiff, one of the greatest soccer players in history, and other Dutch investors entrusted Blake Stirling and Marco Martin with the planning of a 250-hectare holiday resort. Under the name of Mosa Trajectum- Johan Cruyff Golf Sports Resorts, Stirling & Martin planned 3 golf courses of 9 holes (27 holes), a 9-hole Pitch & Putt course known as “Challenge Course”, and a large sports area of 200,000 m2 where the great soccer academy, tennis schools, and a large equestrian area would be developed. The driving range of more than 360m in length allowed the practice in the opposite ends.

Mosa Trajectum was for years the best example of desert course design in Spain. Its proximity to the city of Murcia and the future international airport of Corvera, will undoubtedly allow it to position itself as a model project for the integration of golf in residential areas.



Project details

Villa Horizon

Director of this project.

Víctor Pérez Sánchez

Villa Aqua

Director of this project.

Dani Pérez Meroño

Villa Olimpo

Director of this project.

Fran Aparicio Buendía

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