english · 28. septiembre 2022
Best laptops for architects. Updated 2022
Laptops have long been a preference for many people in architecture and graphic design. For architects and designers, the ability to take our hardware with us, moving seamlessly between home and studio, is vital to our work.
english · 26. septiembre 2022
Urban sprawl and the importance of architecture. Part 1
When we talk about expansion, we refer to the constant growth of the population and the defective high-rise constructions that have been destroying the cities little by little. What is the solution to this urban-social problem?
english · 26. septiembre 2022
Efficient homes thanks to sustainable architecture. Part 1
The creation of efficient homes and sustainability has become an integral aspect of contemporary architectural design in order to reduce environmental impact and increase human comfort.
english · 26. septiembre 2022
Advantages of security alarms for a home and their prices.  Part 1
Security alarms and protection systems have come a long way in Spain in recent years. This circumstance means that more and more families and businesses choose to hire this type of service.
english · 26. septiembre 2022
How to make your home sustainable and efficient effortlessly
The architectural sector is experiencing an evolution with new sustainable and efficient designs that helps energy self-management.
english · 23. septiembre 2022
Steps to make an electrical installation in a new home  Part 1
The electrical installation is one of the centre points of electricity supply of a new home. Without electricity, many of the daily tasks will be impossible to be carried out.
english · 21. septiembre 2022
LEED Certification
LEED certification is an internationally recognized green building certification system that verifies that a building has been built and designed in an environmentally friendly manner. Specifically, the acronym LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.
english · 19. septiembre 2022
Well certification, sustainable scoring system (110 points)
Well certification is a scoring system focused on people's health and comfort that is based on measuring and monitoring the performance of the built environment. In other words, the objective of this certificate is that the characteristics that directly affect the well-being of citizens, such as lighting, water or air, meet requirements that guarantee people’s health within that environment.
english · 19. septiembre 2022
What is the best orientation for a house in the south of Spain?
The subject of the orientation of a house in relation to the entrance of light to the houses is a rather confusing subject, for this reason we want to inform you of the main characteristics of each of the orientations, to help you make decisions regarding the purchase or layout of your future home. You will see how it is not so complicated.
english · 19. septiembre 2022
Two of our staff architects receive a special mention at the Europan 15 Biennial
The team made up of two of our youngest staff architects, have achieved a special mention in the biennial of young architects 15th Europan, one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind. The project itself is based on the urban regeneration of the Swedish city of Helsingborg, which has approximately 110,000 inhabitants.

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