english · 17. febrero 2019
Plastic is one of the most polluting materials for our planet. It was, in addition, the material preferred by the industry during the last century; and it is that petroleum products, being so flexible and economic, were produced in a massive way. Nowadays, our supermarkets, our homes and our oceans are inundated. Yes, there are studies that claim that more than 9 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s, something that is more than an obvious problem for our land, but also for...

english · 21. enero 2019
If we find that experiences are more rewarding, we tend to think of our homes less as mere possessions and more as places and spaces that enrich us. We wanted to summarize in nine points what the word HOME means for us.

english · 10. enero 2019
No longer than 10 years ago, we architect were still using the old drawing board. A lot have changed since then. Now days we don’t draw plans any more, we build computer models. These are 3 dimension images that can be visualised in any angle or distance. We can walk through the building or fly over it like a bird.

english · 19. diciembre 2018
In my previous article on charging cars at home we analysed the minimum electric power to have contracted with your local electric company. We also looked at the different types of sockets to have and the procedures to follow if you live in a community of owners.

english · 21. noviembre 2018
Although I have written a previous article on charging cars at home now that the Spanish Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Mrs Reyes Maroto last week, has put down as deadline for the full establishment of electric cars establishing the year 2040 as a "prudent" goal that can be achieved and hence forbidding all combustion on that year, I think it would be a good idea to go again over the ins and out of having a charging point at home.

english · 11. noviembre 2018
Although we tend to use the web and social media much more than a few years ago, families tend to cluster around the TV normally in the living room. In fact, this is the time that most families tend to sit together and share, comment and talk about whatever topic or news are being watched, so to understand the relationship between the sizes of the living room and the TV could make the experience enjoyable or a pain in the neck (literally speaking).

english · 09. noviembre 2018
In our last article we did explain about the new law on photovoltaic panels which was approved on the October the 18th, in the Spanish Parliament. This law eliminates taxes and other important barriers that until then stopped the photovoltaic installations for single or community of owners. This new scenario, together with the increase in the electricity bill and the publication of the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, will encourage, I am sure, many citizens and...

english · 07. noviembre 2018
To be self-sufficient in clean electric energy is our right, and we should fight doing all that is legally possible not to pay any special tax to the government for producing clean energy.

english · 04. noviembre 2018
WallMasters is the newest home decor supplier that mainly offers wallpapers, panel dividers and peg boards. What’s new with WallMasters? You're free to decide what you want for your home, offices and even other establishments. They do Customized for wallpapers and panel dividers from design to shapes, sizes and colors but we also have ready-made designs for you. To organize space, they also have space-saving peggy boards.

english · 29. octubre 2018
With the cold just around the corner, we have some tips for this winter will not be cold at home. More and more citizens in Europe use biomass as a renewable fuel. This article offers seven environmental and economic reasons to install a heating and hot water system using biomass as a fuel. In Sweden, Germany, Norway and Austria biomass is the main renewable energy used for heating and for hot water. In Spain more and more people are installing a boiler or a collective system with this fuel...

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