english · 06. agosto 2018
NASA estimates that the Sun takes more than four and a half billion years to illuminate the Milky Way, being the brightest star in the sky. In the prehistoric era, it was conceived as a unique luminescent element of the inhabitants of the Earth. Its natural light governed the cycles, the time, until the first humans discovered the fire. Over the years, appeared new light sources, such as candles, oil lamps or chandeliers classic, then get coal gas, kerosene or petroleum distillation. Since...

english · 30. julio 2018
This is the first question you are going to ask yourself if you have the idea of building your own house. Building a house always creates many uncertainties and the most important one is the relative to which total budget you will have to face. It is easier to achieve the total budget hit, since building a home is a complex process in which many variables involved.

english · 26. julio 2018
At a time when the debate on a new energy model is more alive than ever, distributed energy is postulated as a real alternative to ensure a more sustainable energy for the future. Today we talk about the key operation and advantages of this form of energy generation and its management.

english · 23. julio 2018
Today we discover you the second part of the article about New World Heritages that the Unesco World Heritage Committee decided.

english · 21. julio 2018
One of our best allies in the decoration of our home is the color, which allows us to define the personality of our home without work and reforms. We can paint two stays the same, keeping distribution, lighting and furniture alike, but changing the color tones, and what we would get? A completely different result stays because with this difference bring with different personalities hue. Playing with colors and tones in our home gives us the possibility to expand or narrow a space, play with...

english · 16. julio 2018
It's summer holiday season and off, so it's time to start thinking about that trip that deserves special preparation and planning. China, America, Africa or Europe have jewels that do not always appear in travel catalogs but that deserve to be known. The Unesco World Heritage Committee decided the 19 new sites on the list of World Heritage Sites, among which are the remains of the Spanish city of Medina Azahara Caliphate. Unesco has included thirteen cultural sites to the list of World Heritage...

english · 12. julio 2018
The dream of all us (more with this summer walking with us) is to be able to enjoy a pool in your attic. But is it possible to add it or not? Before going on to talk about the design of swimming pools located on terraces (materials, prices or construction systems), we will consider whether it is really possible to build a swimming pool on the roof of a building, that is, is it feasible to add that amount of weight that does it require? Today we will talk about all this.

english · 09. julio 2018
The holidays can be the perfect time to get down to work with the kitchen; but before beginning your reform it is important to follow some recommendations. Summer is the ideal time to change or renovate the kitchen.

english · 07. julio 2018
Wood or ceramics? Carpeting or stone? It's about getting the maximum comfort in your home by making an investment that is usually important. Therefore, before choosing a surface, it is necessary to analyze the conditions of the home and its use.

english · 05. julio 2018
The capacity of access to housing, as well as the number of owners with more than two residences, will imply an accelerated increase in the rental market in the coming years. We recommend some tips to rent and improve your other home. Housing reform will be one of the most demanded jobs in the coming years in Spain as we are witnessing a "rent revolution". And, in Spain, second-hand residences are and will be much more sought after than newly built homes, specifically, they were ten times more...

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