english · 14. abril 2018
A smart meter allows you to avoid the estimated electric bills and can also help with home routines to be more efficient in saving electricity.

english · 17. marzo 2018
Tune up the house is an important decision, since a reform can be a good pinch. However, there are simple measures with which to start being more efficient and do not require a large amount of money. One of them is to change to LED bulbs, which consume much less energy and give more light.

english · 11. marzo 2018
It is a very pertinent question; however, the answer is not so simple but if you read this article through you may be surprised of how much you could expect saving if you improve on the efficiency of your home.

english · 02. marzo 2018
The Hurricane Irma, declared the largest and most powerful storm ever recorded this century, destroying 90% of the structures in the island of Barbuda.

english · 25. febrero 2018
This photovoltaic installation will generate the huge figure of more than 750 million kilowatts / hour of clean solar energy, enough to supply a city like Murcia with 440.000 inhabitants with electricity.

english · 19. febrero 2018
As you probably know we architects have a double challenge here in Spain. In the Northern countries the whole purpose is to save energy by creating a very well insulated building, here in Spain we have to do the same but at the same time we have to deal with heat gain in buildings due to the high solar energy during summer.

english · 13. febrero 2018
After a lot of bargaining, paper work, meetings with your solicitor you have purchased the plot of your dreams and now you are told you need an architect. Most probably then you have asked yourself the question, fine but what does an architect do? Or perhaps the question should be: what shall I expect an architect to do for me?

english · 10. febrero 2018
It is increasingly common to build houses that follow the principles of ecological architecture in Spain. Here we show you 5 examples of sustainable architecture in Spain.

english · 03. febrero 2018
The European Parliament advocates not to tax the self-consumption of solar energy with taxes "of any kind".

english · 27. enero 2018
If we have any real advantage in south of Spain of having a sun drenched land without much water, is that we could store that energy and convert it into the most useful energy of all “electricity”.

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