english · 19. febrero 2018
As you probably know we architects have a double challenge here in Spain. In the Northern countries the whole purpose is to save energy by creating a very well insulated building, here in Spain we have to do the same but at the same time we have to deal with heat gain in buildings due to the high solar energy during summer.

english · 13. febrero 2018
After a lot of bargaining, paper work, meetings with your solicitor you have purchased the plot of your dreams and now you are told you need an architect. Most probably then you have asked yourself the question, fine but what does an architect do? Or perhaps the question should be: what shall I expect an architect to do for me?

english · 10. febrero 2018
It is increasingly common to build houses that follow the principles of ecological architecture in Spain. Here we show you 5 examples of sustainable architecture in Spain.

english · 03. febrero 2018
The European Parliament advocates not to tax the self-consumption of solar energy with taxes "of any kind".

english · 27. enero 2018
If we have any real advantage in south of Spain of having a sun drenched land without much water, is that we could store that energy and convert it into the most useful energy of all “electricity”.

english · 21. enero 2018
Online payments, drones to carry out surveillance and maintenance, Internet of Things (IOT). These are some of the technologies that will be used by the community of owners in the immediate future.

english · 14. enero 2018
The recovery of the real estate sector, in Spain one of the most punished during the crisis, will receive a new boost in 2018.

english · 05. enero 2018
- Good morning Juan and happy new year!! ·Happy new year Peter! What can we do for you? - Well, following my brother in law’s advice, we just bought a plot inland, in a very beautiful valley and we wanted to know how much you charge to design a house for us there.

english · 02. enero 2018
This natural episode that you may witness on your window, on your doors, in the bathroom or in the kitchen occurs when water vapour in the air condenses and the drops become visible (and palpable), wetting walls and carpentry frames.

english · 26. diciembre 2017
So you think that that the price of the properties is again rising out of control?

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