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English · 07. septiembre 2022
The maximalist trend in interior design
Maximal interiors are an ideal solution for creative people to furnish their homes, and could be your perfect decorating style if you love cheerful colours and patterns. It allows you to fully experience and reflect on yourself. It is a very personal style, but you have to be careful, because there is a very fine line between this style and a tacky decoration.
English · 23. agosto 2019
A building site is not exactly a rose garden. And often you have to draw the line somewhere. I am referring to the situation when the contractor on site is not doing his job properly or when a member of the contractor’s team is not up to the standard that it is required.
English · 18. julio 2013
Most reader may know about the College of Architects in Spain but few may know about the Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE). The CSCAE is the organization that brings together and represents all the architects of Spain since its founding in 1931. Well, there is a similar body in Europe called the Architects' Council of Europe; again a body that represents all European architects and this body. This institution has been carrying out yearly survey on the economic trend of...
English · 11. julio 2013
History of the Colleges of Architects. Professional associations date back to the middle ages. These Colleges or professional association were created in Europe in the eleventh century with the figure of the craft-guilds, and associations of workers. In Spain, the qualified associations began at universities, where graduates grouped themselves with the intended aim of defending their interests. The first Colleges that commenced operating in Spain were those related with the medical and the...

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