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english · 05. enero 2018
- Good morning Juan and happy new year!! · Happy new year Peter! What can we do for you? - Well, following my brother in law’s advice, we just bought a plot inland, in a very beautiful valley and we wanted to know how much you charge to design a house for us there in Spain.
english · 16. septiembre 2016
It is the old arithmetic that many citizens turn to when they are faced with the dilemma of choosing between going to live in a rented property or becoming the landlord.
english · 28. noviembre 2015
Spain has more than 25 million homes, of which nearly three and a half million are empty. The urban construction in recent years has caused serious environmental and economic consequences across the Spanish geography, although it is more evident in coastal areas. In this article I will try to indicate the worst urban of Spain. A question of figures. Some of the data of the so-called housing bubble speak for themselves: Spain, with a population of about 47 million people, had by the end of 2006...
english · 12. septiembre 2013
Community of Owners or "Comunidad de Propietarios" Perhaps one of the most asked questions by homeowners expats in Spain. Circumstances change along our life and therefore our needs. There comes a moment that once was a perfect home, it is no more now. So to glaze a terrace to avoid cold in winter or noise due to a new opened deafening adjacent road, or maybe to build an additional room and thereby gain a few meters of cover space or to use an aluminum structure in order to expand the kitc
english · 05. septiembre 2013
Illegal buildings will now prescribe after fifteen years in the Valencia region. The recent publication of the new Valencia planning law, the 5/2014 law of 25 of July, of the Valencia Government, so call "Land management, urban planning and landscape, of the Valencia Region from now on the LOTUP, has come into force on the 20th of August of this year, introduces several new features. One of the most attention-grabbing one is that makes reference to the prescription of illegal buildings, which...
english · 29. agosto 2013
This is a typical question that people often ask me. Obviously the answer depends on the type of works that it is intended to carry out. Let me first tell you as a general rule that in Spain most building works require a building licence and even more so now, with this existing tax collection quest by all local authorities due to the economic crisis, so most probably you will find the friendly local policemen eagerly looking for any illegal building works to be sanctioned.
english · 22. agosto 2013
During all the years I have practised as an architect, I have experienced all kind of personal anecdotes. I have classified these experiences in files, named as amusing, serious and frightening. This particular one that I am about to tell you has been transferred, as time passed, from the frightening file into the amusing file, although I can assure you at a time it was at the very top of the frightening one. During the years I worked as Town Hall Architect, my duties among others were, to...
english · 21. agosto 2013
It is known by all that Spanish town planning is in a deep crisis. The aspects that have led to this situation are varied: the search for municipalities additional funding of public services, which has produced, criminal behaviours by the local politicians and civil servants, the absence of effective instruments of coordination between regional and the State jurisdiction; the narrow scope of the State in this area, individual local authority actions without prior planning, etc.
english · 20. agosto 2013
The Spanish Land Law of the 20th of June of 2008 (Ley del Suelo 2/2008) classifies all the Spanish territory in two different categories according to the intended use and they are: rural land or urbanized land (Suelo Rural and “Suelo Urbanizado"). In previous Land Laws, rural land, was known as “rustic land” (suelo rústico) and many people still use that old term, but to all purposes it means the same, land without planning permission.
english · 18. agosto 2013
Following the second part of this article on town planning we will explain the different stages of the main planning laws in Spain and its hierarchical structure. For that purpose I have selected the region of Murcia as an example, but to all purposes it could be applied to any regional community in this country. As we described last week it is the Ley del Suelo (The Land Law) the national first, and the regional Land Laws second, the corner stone of all planning instruments and therefore any...

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