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english · 14. abril 2019
The phenomenon of tourist rental of homes unleashed by digital platforms in the last two years will now have new limits within communities of owners. The first one will be political and the second economic.
english · 20. octubre 2018
Those of you who form part of a community of owners in your building block or urbanization know for a fact that It is very rare that everyone agrees on a single decision or a proposal in your annual meetings.
english · 05. mayo 2018
The dream of owning a home is still high up in the dream of most Spaniards and Expats. If the purchase of a second hand home is the main option, especially for those who want to live in the Coast, there are other possibilities. Each one presents some advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered before starting the search.
english · 22. mayo 2017
I must have hundreds of articles in my blog all of them directed to inform the English speaking public about Spanish architecture, construction, energy saving etc. Well, the article that has about most visits every single day of the week is the one “A house that may be divided into two in case of divorce”. So I thought that instead of being negative maybe I could not only update it but also re-orientate it with a more positive approach.
english · 04. octubre 2016
If you are planning to marry soon maybe you should contemplate taking a look at this new conceptual design in housing and don’t say that we architects don’t think about everything!!
english · 12. septiembre 2013
Community of Owners or "Comunidad de Propietarios" Perhaps one of the most asked questions by homeowners expats in Spain. Circumstances change along our life and therefore our needs. There comes a moment that once was a perfect home, it is no more now. So to glaze a terrace to avoid cold in winter or noise due to a new opened deafening adjacent road, or maybe to build an additional room and thereby gain a few meters of cover space or to use an aluminum structure in order to expand the kitc

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