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English · 01. marzo 2022
Kitchen countertops in Spain: the centrepiece
The material and design of the countertop has a decisive influence on the functionality and aesthetics of our kitchen. We can invest up to 20% of our budget in the kitchen counter top.
English · 01. junio 2019
Aesthetic refers to the appearance of something, particularly in relation to its beauty. It is a term that predominantly refers to visual elements and can also be used as a noun to describe criteria by which an artistic movement or artist is defined, such as the postmodern aesthetic.
English · 18. marzo 2019
At last the temperatures rise and the desire to enjoy a space outside arrives. If your house has a garden or terrace, it’s time to prepare it!! Don’t be afraid to reform it, change the floor, fill it with plants and suggestive textiles... because the change you will get will be wonderful. In fact, many are the mistakes that we make when we decorate it and the result of it is terrible. If you want to avoid these failures, read these 7 mistakes that you should not make on your terrace so that...
English · 03. octubre 2018
What is Porcelain stoneware? Despite not being enamelled, these tiles have a very low water absorption and a great resistance to dirt and abrasion.
English · 28. septiembre 2018
Before starting your home improvement, it is essential to perfectly plan all the issues related to the reformation: from the permits and modifications to be made, to the type of lighting, furniture, toilets and accessories for each space. Unfortunately, we usually start renovating from ground level to the roof, disassembling the no longer required items, builders and constructors working, to then find out that the toilets will still take several weeks to arrive, the ceramics are out of stock or...
English · 21. julio 2018
One of our best allies in the decoration of our home is the color, which allows us to define the personality of our home without work and reforms. We can paint two stays the same, keeping distribution, lighting and furniture alike, but changing the color tones, and what we would get? A completely different result stays because with this difference bring with different personalities hue. Playing with colors and tones in our home gives us the possibility to expand or narrow a space, play with...
English · 12. julio 2018
The dream of all us (more with this summer walking with us) is to be able to enjoy a pool in your attic. But is it possible to add it or not? Before going on to talk about the design of swimming pools located on terraces (materials, prices or construction systems), we will consider whether it is really possible to build a swimming pool on the roof of a building, that is, is it feasible to add that amount of weight that does it require? Today we will talk about all this.
English · 07. julio 2018
Wood or ceramics? Carpeting or stone? It's about getting the maximum comfort in your home by making an investment that is usually important. Therefore, before choosing a surface, it is necessary to analyze the conditions of the home and its use.
English · 19. febrero 2018
As you probably know we architects have a double challenge here in Spain. In the Northern countries the whole purpose is to save energy by creating a very well insulated building, here in Spain we have to do the same but at the same time we have to deal with heat gain in buildings due to the high solar energy during summer.
English · 27. enero 2018
If we have any real advantage in south of Spain of having a sun drenched land without much water, is that we could store that energy and convert it into the most useful energy of all “electricity”.

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