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English · 19. diciembre 2022
LED lighting: the light of today and tomorrow
NASA estimates that the Sun takes more than four and a half billion years to illuminate the Milky Way, being the brightest star in the sky. In the prehistoric era, it was conceived as a unique luminescent element of the inhabitants of the Earth. Its natural light governed the cycles, the time, until the first humans discovered the fire. Over the years, appeared new light sources, such as candles, oil lamps or classic chandeliers, then came coal gas, kerosene or petroleum distillation. Since...
English · 01. marzo 2022
Kitchen countertops in Spain: the centrepiece
The material and design of the countertop has a decisive influence on the functionality and aesthetics of our kitchen. We can invest up to 20% of our budget in the kitchen counter top.
English · 18. junio 2019
Although here in Spain most homes are built of reinforced concrete rather than timber, the fire loading i.e. the amount of combustible materials in the home may cause a dangerous situation specially during the night when everyone is sleep.
English · 29. marzo 2019
The arithmetic for self-consumption have long been positive for homes and businesses but now, in addition, we find ourselves with the tailwind that provides us the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition that it is unambiguously betting on solar energy.
English · 11. noviembre 2018
Although we tend to use the web and social media much more than a few years ago, families tend to cluster around the TV normally in the living room. In fact, this is the time that most families tend to sit together and share, comment and talk about whatever topic or news are being watched, so to understand the relationship between the sizes of the living room and the TV could make the experience enjoyable or a pain in the neck (literally speaking).
English · 28. septiembre 2018
Before starting your home improvement, it is essential to perfectly plan all the issues related to the reformation: from the permits and modifications to be made, to the type of lighting, furniture, toilets and accessories for each space. Unfortunately, we usually start renovating from ground level to the roof, disassembling the no longer required items, builders and constructors working, to then find out that the toilets will still take several weeks to arrive, the ceramics are out of stock or...
English · 03. septiembre 2018
The art and architecture Bruges triennial 2018 propose the image of the liquid city as a symbol of social and urban changes, exposing responses to various crisis situations through interventions by 15 artists and architects. A fluid, open and involved city, the flag of social, cultural and political change. The slogan of the second edition, Liquid City, conjure up the identity of Bruges, which owes its economic prosperity to water. In addition, it is inspired by Liquid Society, by the...
English · 26. julio 2018
At a time when the debate on a new energy model is more alive than ever, distributed energy is postulated as a real alternative to ensure a more sustainable energy for the future. Today we talk about the key operation and advantages of this form of energy generation and its management.
English · 12. julio 2018
The dream of all us (more with this summer walking with us) is to be able to enjoy a pool in your attic. But is it possible to add it or not? Before going on to talk about the design of swimming pools located on terraces (materials, prices or construction systems), we will consider whether it is really possible to build a swimming pool on the roof of a building, that is, is it feasible to add that amount of weight that does it require? Today we will talk about all this.
English · 17. junio 2018
In our two previous articles Everything you need to know to make your home smarter : Part 1 and Part 2 we did analyse the different popular smart systems, each with its advantages, disadvantages and range of compatible devices. We looked at the universal Alexa. And brought your attention to thousands of gadgets and devices compatible with Alexa of very different brands. We also looked at Google Assistant, your virtual butler. This week we will finish off with Apple Homekit, and Samsung Smart...

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