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english · 26. abril 2017
When you are buying a house and the seller mentions the area of that house do you know if it is a net area or is it a total gross area and what are the differences?
english · 31. marzo 2017
After the implementation of the so called Omnibus Law in Spain, any company or individual can install a security camera system without having to comply with the requirements demanded by the Ministry of the Interior. Thus, many communities of neighbours may choose to install the CCTV cameras themselves. But the results are not always as expected.
english · 17. marzo 2017
The price of housing grew by 4.7% in 2016 and adds three consecutive years to the rise, according to data published Wednesday by INE. The most pronounced price increases were in the communities of Madrid (+ 8.6%), Catalonia (+ 7%) and the Balearic Islands (+ 6.2%). I believe that there is no bubble, but a price recovery after the 'brick bubble' punctured in 2007. The lack of new housing supply and the scarcity of land are the two major concerns in the sector in the face of future increases in...
english · 22. febrero 2017
1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will have cancer throughout their lives in Spain. As a prelude to World Cancer Day, this February the 4th, SEOM presents the Cancer Figures in Spain 2017. Tobacco, alcohol, obesity and sedentary habits increase the risk of cancer and are responsible for a third of , and this is supposed to be a reasonably healthy country……Mediterranean diet etc.
english · 12. enero 2017
Many clients do ask me about the cost of construction and being an architect it is a forthcoming question, nonetheless every now and again I do get ask for other costs associated to the actual purchase of a home, in which case I have done a little research and here are the results.
english · 17. diciembre 2016
Although I have been blowing my own trumpets since a year ago writing about the end of recession for the real estate market, a new BBVA bank report has officially declare that 2017 will be the definitive recovery for the real estate market.
english · 03. noviembre 2016
This article points out how it affects Spain ozone pollution, how it is formed and what citizens can do to combat it.
english · 28. octubre 2016
In this article I did warn of the next property rise especially on the large cities of Barcelona and Madrid a prelude for the rest of Spain to follow.
english · 17. octubre 2016
One of the questions we are frequently asked when designing a new house or rehabilitating an existing one is whether to opt for gas or electricity in the kitchen...
english · 17. septiembre 2016
The average price of housing rose 7.5% between January and June, according to the latest data from the Association of Registrars, and everything points to maintain this positive trend until the end of the year due to the good tone ON residential demand, with next sales increased to 16%.

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