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english · 23. agosto 2019
As I have mentioned in many previous articles since 2007, the new Building Regulation in Spain have changed tremendously as to the way we architect have to design and build new buildings.

english · 29. marzo 2019
The arithmetic for self-consumption have long been positive for homes and businesses but now, in addition, we find ourselves with the tailwind that provides us the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition that it is unambiguously betting on solar energy.

english · 09. noviembre 2018
In our last article we did explain about the new law on photovoltaic panels which was approved on the October the 18th, in the Spanish Parliament. This law eliminates taxes and other important barriers that until then stopped the photovoltaic installations for single or community of owners. This new scenario, together with the increase in the electricity bill and the publication of the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, will encourage, I am sure, many citizens and...

english · 07. noviembre 2018
To be self-sufficient in clean electric energy is our right, and we should fight doing all that is legally possible not to pay any special tax to the government for producing clean energy.

english · 29. octubre 2018
With the cold just around the corner, we have some tips for this winter will not be cold at home. More and more citizens in Europe use biomass as a renewable fuel. This article offers seven environmental and economic reasons to install a heating and hot water system using biomass as a fuel. In Sweden, Germany, Norway and Austria biomass is the main renewable energy used for heating and for hot water. In Spain more and more people are installing a boiler or a collective system with this fuel...

english · 02. octubre 2018
As architects we are compelled to produce an independent project with each building licence application which show what amount of building materials require recycling.

english · 06. agosto 2018
NASA estimates that the Sun takes more than four and a half billion years to illuminate the Milky Way, being the brightest star in the sky. In the prehistoric era, it was conceived as a unique luminescent element of the inhabitants of the Earth. Its natural light governed the cycles, the time, until the first humans discovered the fire. Over the years, appeared new light sources, such as candles, oil lamps or classic chandeliers, then came coal gas, kerosene or petroleum distillation. Since...

english · 26. julio 2018
At a time when the debate on a new energy model is more alive than ever, distributed energy is postulated as a real alternative to ensure a more sustainable energy for the future. Today we talk about the key operation and advantages of this form of energy generation and its management.

english · 03. julio 2018
In our last article we looked at the different options that we may have available to recharge our new electric car. We investigated where and how and how much aids were available to help us with the cost of the installation.

english · 01. julio 2018
You are going to buy an electric car. You've even tried several models and you love the immediate response when you step on the accelerator and the way that that little spaceship sound. Good bye gas stations, drive around the city centre, park for free and pollute much less. You want an electric car and that is it.

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