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English · 27. enero 2022
All you need to know about thermal insulation in Spain
How thermal insulation is used in Spain, What building regulation control its use.
English · 17. marzo 2018
Tune up the house is an important decision, since a reform can be a good pinch. However, there are simple measures with which to start being more efficient and do not require a large amount of money. One of them is to change to LED bulbs, which consume much less energy and give more light.
English · 25. febrero 2018
This photovoltaic installation will generate the huge figure of more than 750 million kilowatts / hour of clean solar energy, enough to supply a city like Murcia with 440.000 inhabitants with electricity.
English · 19. febrero 2018
As you probably know we architects have a double challenge here in Spain. In the Northern countries the whole purpose is to save energy by creating a very well insulated building, here in Spain we have to do the same but at the same time we have to deal with heat gain in buildings due to the high solar energy during summer.
English · 26. diciembre 2017
Although we do not suffer the extreme cold f northern countries, there are at least a couple of months that our homes in the Costa may require to be heated and it is important before we select a heating system to have a few facts clear.
English · 16. febrero 2017
Everyone connected to Spanish electric grid had a good scare when on the coldest days of the year, around the 11th of January the Spanish electricity wholesalers announced that the price of electricity has reached its highest value since December 2013. The price boom has intensified in the last hours of the afternoon, when the cost of the megawatt hour (mwh) exceeds 92 Euros, a very high quota if you take into account that just a year ago the same mwh was worth 60 Euros, 33% less.
English · 11. noviembre 2016
This article points out the world's most outstanding urban gardens on rooftops, their advantages and challenges and how to create one.
English · 28. enero 2016
How to produce your own electricity On October the 17th, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the Platform for a New Energy Model Spain reported that energy poverty affects 10% of the Spanish population and will continue to increase: more than two million families are not able to turn on the heat simply because they cannot afford it.

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