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English · 27. January 2022
All you need to know about thermal insulation in Spain
How thermal insulation is used in Spain, What building regulation control its use.
English · 03. October 2019
It is a fact that we are in a period of energy transition in Spain with a progressive change of trends in the design of thermal installations for heating and domestic hot water. we can find in the market a greater number of thermal comfort solutions, increasingly efficient and with a more significant importance of the origin of the sources of renewable energy.
English · 02. October 2019
In the previous article we discussed how the update of the Technical Building Code known as the “CTE” for short which is the Spanish Building Regulation, is pushing us the architects to design new buildings which must comply with Almost Null Energy Consumption Buildings or nZEB. This means buildings that will use nearly 0 none renewable energy.
English · 06. June 2019
The Spanish Government is working on a norm so that the neighbours who have a collective photovoltaics panels and are connected to the same installation can share all the generated electricity
English · 08. April 2019
Electricity in Spain has traditionally been in a few private hands, and those private hands have managed to obtain the blessings from politician belonging to the highest atmosphere of the Spanish political live to do whatever they feel like.
English · 17. June 2018
Have you ever felt that you are taking on all the Spanish electric companies alone? Or that they have picked on you and they are sending ever larger electricity bills? Well let me tell you that you are not the only one, it happens to the majority of electricity users throughout Spain, so let’s see what alternatives we have at hand to put an end to all that.
English · 17. March 2018
Tune up the house is an important decision, since a reform can be a good pinch. However, there are simple measures with which to start being more efficient and do not require a large amount of money. One of them is to change to LED bulbs, which consume much less energy and give more light.
English · 16. February 2017
Everyone connected to Spanish electric grid had a good scare when on the coldest days of the year, around the 11th of January the Spanish electricity wholesalers announced that the price of electricity has reached its highest value since December 2013. The price boom has intensified in the last hours of the afternoon, when the cost of the megawatt hour (mwh) exceeds 92 Euros, a very high quota if you take into account that just a year ago the same mwh was worth 60 Euros, 33% less.
English · 26. January 2017
The breakthrough in technology and new devices focused on renewable energy has made panel and wind industry cheaper.
English · 05. December 2016
If you haven’t heard the name Tesla it will probably be because you don’t have to pay nearly 60€ to fill your car’s tank every week as I do, and therefore you don’t read technical articles on electric cars praying for its arrival in Spain sooner than later. Tesla was founded by the South African Elon Musk who in 2003 wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than petrol-powered cars. With instant torque, incredible power, and zero emissions, Tesla’s products presume of cars...

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