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english · 28. octubre 2021
Other costs to building a house in Spain in 2021? (Updated)
This is the first question you are going to ask yourself if you have the idea of building your own house. Building a house always creates many uncertainties and the most important one is the relative to which total budget you will have to face. It is easier to achieve the total budget hit, since building a home is a complex process in which many variables involved.
english · 06. octubre 2019
One of the surprising aspects of the new Spanish building regulation is the fact that although it is very much focused on saving energy, we architects are compelled to design a ventilation system in all bathrooms and kitchens to extract air from these wet rooms and inject fresh air from outside into all bedrooms and living rooms.
english · 14. abril 2019
In this last year, the idea that renting a house is throwing money away has gained weight, according to Fotocasa the leading Spanish real estate portal.
english · 20. octubre 2018
Those of you who form part of a community of owners in your building block or urbanization know for a fact that It is very rare that everyone agrees on a single decision or a proposal in your annual meetings.
english · 14. abril 2018
A smart meter allows you to avoid the estimated electric bills and can also help with home routines to be more efficient in saving electricity.
english · 05. enero 2018
- Good morning Juan and happy new year!! · Happy new year Peter! What can we do for you? - Well, following my brother in law’s advice, we just bought a plot inland, in a very beautiful valley and we wanted to know how much you charge to design a house for us there in Spain.
english · 10. agosto 2017
I am really sorry that most of you readers (Brits) will be living the EC, however there is period of two years before that sad event occurs, meanwhile live goes on so it will be useful to be aware of the new EC legislation coming up which might affect you specially if you will continue residing in this country independently of the Brexit.
english · 26. mayo 2017
You will not believe it but it, but it is now 4 years since on the 1st of June of 2013 the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) became obligatory in Spain if you needed to rent or purchase a property.
english · 22. mayo 2017
I must have hundreds of articles in my blog all of them directed to inform the English speaking public about Spanish architecture, construction, energy saving etc. Well, the article that has about most visits every single day of the week is the one “A house that may be divided into two in case of divorce”. So I thought that instead of being negative maybe I could not only update it but also re-orientate it with a more positive approach.
english · 22. febrero 2017
We have seen electricity prices rocketing up in Spain every year. The Spanish electric companies offered very poor excuses before a passive Spanish Government. They picked on the coldest days of the year to increase electric prices by as much as 60%. So apart from installing our own electric photovoltaic panels the next thing we can do is to save electricity by any means. One way of saving is to switch off all those appliances which we have on standby.

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