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english · 03. septiembre 2018
The art and architecture Bruges triennial 2018 propose the image of the liquid city as a symbol of social and urban changes, exposing responses to various crisis situations through interventions by 15 artists and architects. A fluid, open and involved city, the flag of social, cultural and political change. The slogan of the second edition, Liquid City, conjure up the identity of Bruges, which owes its economic prosperity to water. In addition, it is inspired by Liquid Society, by the...
english · 21. mayo 2018
Jane Drew was a pioneer in architecture in the United Kingdom, both for her architectural work and for her labor policy, since for a time she employed only women in her company. Why? For the simple reason of the discrimination she herself had suffered at the time of finding work. But this didn´t stop her, but made her stronger and more aware of the feminine potential in architecture.