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English · 12. septiembre 2022
What is the legal minimum size of a home in Spain? Updated 2022
If you divide a house in two, what minimum spaces must you take into account so that the house can be registered as a home? That is, what is the legal minimum sizes allowable by the planning regulations?
English · 12. septiembre 2022
Bathrooms: recommendations and tips for rehabs | PART 2 |
Simple lines: the design of the bathrooms is based on a style of straight, wide lines, in which the work done with mirrors predominates. Organic elements: materials such as wood are introduced and combined with steel and ceramics. This creates a clean, elegant and homey environment. Bring out the beauty of contrasting surfaces and textures. Cold colours: cold tones, which create a calm atmosphere, are a trend today. Some of the best options are blue and emerald green. They combine very well...
English · 12. septiembre 2022
Bathrooms: recommendations and tips for rehabs | PART 1 |
Organizing and locating the products and paraphernalia that we use most frequently is the function of bathroom accessories. Towel rails, soap dispensers, shelves and toilet roll holders at the service of order and decoration. Toothbrushes, towels, soap or cleaning wipes are things that we use regularly and that we should never store in a drawer or compartment that is difficult to access. The solution is to have suitable accessories that, in addition to fulfilling this practical function, become...
English · 12. septiembre 2022
Deficiencies in newly built homes
One of the most unpleasant parts of my job has to do with having to prepare technical reports on the construction pathologies of new-built homes, and this not only because it usually involves sticking your nose into someone's work, but also because the great effort that I have to do to try to be as impartial and objective as possible, taking into account the interests of my client and those of other parties.

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