english · 02. junio 2021
How to negotiate with a Spanish bank to get a better mortgage
Demonstrating a good income, consulting other options or offering something in return are some strategies with which the applicant can obtain a mortgage with better conditions
english · 01. junio 2021
Is it legal  to rent my swimming pool to my neighbour?
If you have a swimming pool in your single-family home, you cannot carry out a commercial activity open to the public that involves a change in land use
english · 31. mayo 2021
Awning or pergola: which is the best option to protect you from the sun
Choosing between an awning or a pergola can lead to endless discussions. The truth is that both are ideal solutions depending on the terrace you have.
english · 30. mayo 2021
What you should know about the deposit contract in Spain
The deposit contract is a document widely used in Spain when buying a property . Here are some aspects to keep in mind before signing it.
english · 25. mayo 2021
What price increases does the new electricity bill that comes into effect from June 1 next in Spain?
According to the experts we will pay more or less depending on our consumption habits.
english · 25. mayo 2021
Construction materials shortage and price rises in Spain
The construction materials shortage has impacted the construction in Spain and further problems are expected.
english · 17. mayo 2021
The real estate sector in East Spain explodes in 2021
The real estate sector of the provinces of Alicante and Murcia sets out to return to normality
english · 13. mayo 2021
Smoke detectors, why are they so important in Spain?
The probability of dying caught by the flames of a fire is four times lower if you have at least one automatic smoke detection system at home.
english · 12. mayo 2021
Electric car charger installation in Spain
When it comes to recharging your electric car, you have a lot of options to do it, depending on what is most comfortable for you according to your daily routines and best suits your needs at all times.
english · 23. marzo 2021
The six characteristics that make our design into a luxury villa.
We reveal in this article the qualities that we introduce in a villa design to become a luxury villa.

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