English · 02. May 2023
Unlocking the Secrets of Spanish Community Bylaws: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know.
Here are a few well-kept secrets about the Spanish community's bylaws
English · 20. April 2023
The steel revolution in Construction: A historical perspective
Although steel was first produced in the Middle Ages, its use in structural engineering did not begin until just over a century ago. Today, numerous emblematic steel structures demonstrate the possibilities offered by this material.
English · 14. April 2023
The secrets of the most spectacular skyscrapers in the world
Over time, the meaning of words changes and one of those words that have come to mean something different from what it meant in the past is the word "skyscraper" This word was used to refer to anything that stood out in height, and not necessarily, a building.
English · 27. March 2023
The definitive guide to concrete in Spain
Spain began to use reinforced concrete more than twenty years behind the Nordic countries. In 1890, reinforced concrete structures of a certain size and complexity were already being built in Europe.
English · 16. March 2023
The definitive guide on how to rehabilitate a home in Spain
Checking the state of the property before purchasing the home or building, comparing budgets, and knowing the energy label are some of the steps that most people know, but we will go much further and explain step by step everything that needs to be done.
English · 01. March 2023
Underfloor heating installation: Everything you need to know
As a professional architect, I would like to discuss the installation of underfloor heating in comparison to the traditional radiator heating system operated by a boiler
English · 23. February 2023
Lessons learned from structural failures in the 2023 Turkish Earthquake
The recent earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria have caused extensive damage to multi-story buildings, leading to the tragic loss of life.
English · 14. February 2023
Earthquake-resistant design in Spain: An architect's perspective
Many of my expat clients are surprised when I mention that Alicante, Murcia, Almeria and Granada are regions with a high probability to have an earthquake.
English · 13. February 2023
The best guide to bioclimatic houses in Spain. Updated to 2023.
Although human beings have survived hundreds of thousands of years adapting to all kinds of vicissitudes and climatic conditions, it has been in the last two centuries that they have managed not only to understand but also to control the environment in order to live and work between intervals of temperature and humidity within an unbeatable state of well-being if we compare it with what happened in previous periods of humanity.
English · 06. February 2023
Domestic wind turbines in Spain: what they are, types, advantages, disadvantages and prices
When it comes to producing our own electricity at home, we usually think of photovoltaic solar panels or panels, a technology that uses sunlight to power our equipment and appliances with a relatively high initial cost if we want great power.

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