english · 11. noviembre 2018
Although we tend to use the web and social media much more than a few years ago, families tend to cluster around the TV normally in the living room. In fact, this is the time that most families tend to sit together and share, comment and talk about whatever topic or news are being watched, so to understand the relationship between the sizes of the living room and the TV could make the experience enjoyable or a pain in the neck (literally speaking).

english · 09. noviembre 2018
In our last article we did explain about the new law on photovoltaic panels which was approved on the October the 18th, in the Spanish Parliament. This law eliminates taxes and other important barriers that until then stopped the photovoltaic installations for single or community of owners. This new scenario, together with the increase in the electricity bill and the publication of the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, will encourage, I am sure, many citizens and...

english · 07. noviembre 2018
To be self-sufficient in clean electric energy is our right, and we should fight doing all that is legally possible not to pay any special tax to the government for producing clean energy.

english · 04. noviembre 2018
WallMasters is the newest home decor supplier that mainly offers wallpapers, panel dividers and peg boards. What’s new with WallMasters? You're free to decide what you want for your home, offices and even other establishments. They do Customized for wallpapers and panel dividers from design to shapes, sizes and colors but we also have ready-made designs for you. To organize space, they also have space-saving peggy boards.

español · 02. noviembre 2018
Elegir la grifería de cocina más idónea no es tarea fácil. Además del diseño y las funciones debemos tener en cuenta la altura y tipo de caño para optimizar la operatividad en la zona de aguas.

english · 29. octubre 2018
With the cold just around the corner, we have some tips for this winter will not be cold at home. More and more citizens in Europe use biomass as a renewable fuel. This article offers seven environmental and economic reasons to install a heating and hot water system using biomass as a fuel. In Sweden, Germany, Norway and Austria biomass is the main renewable energy used for heating and for hot water. In Spain more and more people are installing a boiler or a collective system with this fuel...

español · 25. octubre 2018
Estamos leyendo mucho estos días sobre las Ayudas para alquiler y adquisición de viviendas enmarcadas dentro del Plan Estatal de Vivienda 2018-2021. Este nuevo plan se desarrollará en nueve líneas de actuación. Sigue leyendo si buscas una ayuda para el alquiler o compra.

english · 22. octubre 2018
I was reading the other day a very interesting article. Very clever architects from around the world came together with the idea of proclaiming ideas that will change the future of architecture and thereof, our lives. I wanted to share such dignified initiative with the intention of provoking you to look into the future and imagine a new architecture with such characteristics. The first idea that struck me most profoundly was that:

english · 20. octubre 2018
Those of you who form part of a community of owners in your building block or urbanization know for a fact that It is very rare that everyone agrees on a single decision or a proposal in your annual meetings.

español · 18. octubre 2018
En los cambios de estación solemos hacer pequeños cambios en nuestro hogar: colores que se llevan, tejidos que caldean rincones, muebles preparados para acoger cenas al calor de la chimenea (o del calefactor) en casa… A estas alturas del otoño estamos empezando a guardar las prendas que saben a verano y darle protagonismo a otras más abrigadas: esto sucede en nuestro armario y también en nuestro hogar. Durante los meses de frío vemos nuestra casa con otros ojos, sobre todo porque el...

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