English · 20. diciembre 2022
Working with Spanish architects: Insights and advice"
We looked at the advantages of engaging an architect when you want to build or renovate a property in Spain and how you can obtain value for money. Also, how an architect can inject imagination into your project and provide peace of mind by dealing with all the necessary paperwork, especially in a bureaucratic country such as Spain.
English · 19. diciembre 2022
LED lighting: the light of today and tomorrow
NASA estimates that the Sun takes more than four and a half billion years to illuminate the Milky Way, being the brightest star in the sky. In the prehistoric era, it was conceived as a unique luminescent element of the inhabitants of the Earth. Its natural light governed the cycles, the time, until the first humans discovered the fire. Over the years, appeared new light sources, such as candles, oil lamps or classic chandeliers, then came coal gas, kerosene or petroleum distillation. Since...
English · 12. diciembre 2022
Everything you need to know about LED light strips
Today any architect or designer and why not, anyone interested in interior design should know that LED light strips are the most important variants available on the market. We are going to reveal how to choose the best led strip that you can use to obtain a specific experience in your home or outdoor spaces.
English · 12. diciembre 2022
Christmas decorations to create a magical atmosphere
Christmas is approaching and like every year, millions of people take advantage of the December long weekend to bring out their Christmas decorations. The goal is to create an atmosphere full of magic and joy with Christmas lights and decorations.
English · 30. noviembre 2022
Curious facts about Gaudi, the most researched Spanish architect.
Antonio Gaudi is one of the most respected architects worldwide when it comes to architecture.
English · 25. noviembre 2022
Eco-sustainable buildings and homes: the future of architecture
Currently, the world population has almost 8 billion people spread all over the globe. As we saw in the last entry on the Pacheco Architects blog, "it is expected that by the year 2050 no less than 11.4 billion people will inhabit the earth and 15.3 billion in 2100." As a society, we must be responsible for our environment, and that means that it is in our power to create cities with eco-sustainable buildings and homes that minimize the negative impact of their construction on the environment.
English · 20. noviembre 2022
Urban sprawl and the importance of architecture
When we talk about expansion, we refer to the constant growth of the population and the defective high-rise constructions that have been destroying the cities little by little. What is the solution to this urban-social problem?
English · 20. noviembre 2022
How to make the most of space in a small house
In the world of design and furniture, the perception and management of space play an important role. Making a small house seem bigger or simply making the most of the available space has become one of the great challenges that architects and decorators face when proposing the best solutions for small houses.
English · 14. noviembre 2022
Can I divide my house in two? Updated to 2022
Due to the large number of visits we have had and large number of doubts about the possibility of dividing (or segregating) a house in two about this article that we originally wrote on December 13, 2015, we are going to update and expand the information about this topic so that our readers are better informed.
English · 14. noviembre 2022
4 good tips to save on heating
"Winter is coming". The heating will start to work at full capacity and will entail (like every winter) a great expense in our overheads regardless of the fuel that we may use. Therefore, in this article we explain how to save money on heating.

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