english · 23. marzo 2021
The six characteristics that make our design into a luxury villa.
We reveal in this article the qualities that we introduce in a villa design to become a luxury villa.
english · 26. diciembre 2020
How to understand a Spanish electricity bill
If your Spanish electricity bill seems indecipherable or you have trouble understanding the information that appears there, keep reading. Here we explain how to read it.
26. diciembre 2020
This is the new energy label for household appliances: efficiency from A to G
The European Union updates the categories and introduces several changes: the three plus signs (+++) that accompany A are eliminated and the scale is extended to G
26. diciembre 2020
The Spanish local authorities do not answer my requests. What to do?
Faced with the silence of public institutions, councils, town halls etc citizens can appeal administratively or before the courts of Justice
26. diciembre 2020
Practical ideas to How to save energy at home in 10 critical points
Spanish homes consume a fifth of all the energy used in the country. Small gestures in all rooms help reduce this expense and save money
english · 10. octubre 2020
Many Spanish local town halls have made an effort to improve waste management, however, lots of the waste collected ends up in landfills.
english · 04. julio 2020
Madrid and Barcelona are the locomotive provinces of housing recovery.
english · 04. julio 2020
Now that we are confined indoors because of the Coronavirus, we rely on all types of electric and electronic devices to work and to keep in touch we our love ones, so we should take care of them, as our live will be even worse under these exceptional circumstances.
english · 04. julio 2020
Now that we are working on line confined indoors because of the Covid 19 pandemic, I have become more aware of each of my rooms and how they can be perceived. So with plenty of time to look at the four walls and thinking how they would be if they were painted in different colours, I have decided to carry out an exercise imagining how the rooms will look smaller, larger, taller wider, narrower etc and I will like to share this exercise with you.
english · 04. julio 2020
Boarding a bus, crossing a street, or withdrawing money from an ATM can become a true odyssey for anyone with some types of disability.

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