español · 06. junio 2022
Deficiencias en viviendas de nueva construcción
Una de las partes más desagradables de mi trabajo tiene que ver con tener que preparar informes técnicos sobre las deficiencias de construcción y esto no sólo es debido al hecho de que normalmente implica meter mi nariz en la obra de alguien, sino también el gran esfuerzo que tengo que hacer al tratar de ser lo más imparcial y objetivo posible manteniendo en perspectiva los intereses de mi cliente y la de otras partes.
english · 01. marzo 2022
Kitchen countertops in Spain: the centrepiece
The material and design of the countertop has a decisive influence on the functionality and aesthetics of our kitchen. We can invest up to 20% of our budget in the kitchen counter top.
english · 03. febrero 2022
What is the minimum, legal size for a dwelling in Spain? | Final part |
On the last article I did explained the different regulations which emanated from the many Spanish regional communities on the minimum standards accepted for a minimum size house and how we still use in some regions a law from 1944 such as the Murcia region.
english · 03. febrero 2022
What is the minimum, legal size for a dwelling in Spain? | Part 1 |
There has been a building regulation in Spain since 1944 called “Order of the Ministry of the Interior of 29 February 1944”. That law laid down the minimum conditions to be met by all kinds of homes, regardless of ownership throughout Spain. Believe it or not this legislation is still in force in several autonomous regions (including the Murcia region) where they do not have a particular law which lay down the minimum conditions to be met in the design of any type of home.
español · 01. febrero 2022
¿Cuál es el tamaño mínimo legal de una vivienda en España? (Actualizado 2022)
Si divides una casa en dos, ¿qué espacios mínimos debes tener en cuenta para que esa vivienda se pueda escriturar como vivienda?
english · 27. enero 2022
All you need to know about thermal insulation in Spain
How thermal insulation is used in Spain, What building regulation control its use.
english · 27. diciembre 2021
Guide and tips for buying an electric heater in Spain
We are going to explain everything that has to do with electric heaters in Spain, from what they are, through the types, what to know to buy the best one and some examples that could come in handy to know.
english · 09. noviembre 2021
Phases of an architectural project in Spain
As you can imagine, constructing a building, be it a large hotel or a modest house, requires a fairly lengthy process that includes, from the first sketches until the construction has been completed. These series of steps must be first completed in the phases of an architecture project.
english · 08. noviembre 2021
What are the economic advantages of installing and using solar energy?
Even though that the sun tax was not levied on small installations, now the new regulations allow receiving remuneration for the surplus energy produced.
english · 28. octubre 2021
How much does it cost to build a house in Spain ? (Updated to 2021)
I have been asked this question pretty often and apart from answering (discourteously, I must say) with another question such as how long is a piece of string? This week we will try to provide a reasonable accurate answer to this question by analysing the cost of construction of a typical house. The reason I decided to write this week’s article on this subject is because it has come to my attention the report published by the world wide consultancy EC Harris.

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