english · 12. noviembre 2019
A brithish-led investment fund has taken over a gold resort development scheme in Murcia which was one of the first in Spain to collapse when the economic crisis hit the country more than 10 years ago. Juan Pacheco is the chief architect and engineer for the project at Altaona Golf and Country village, supported by the entire team of Pacheco and Associates Architects. Our chief architect explained that there are around 400 dwellings already built at the site which is close to the Sierra Altaona...

español · 30. octubre 2019
Algo pasa en la Región de Murcia. No hace falta ser demasiado observador y/u observadora para darnos cuenta de que, de unos años a esta parte, el que ya era de por sí un destino de primer nivel, ha reforzado su oferta turística y cultural, haciendo hincapié principalmente en la gastronomía y el sector hotelero, ofreciendo ahora una experiencia completa que va mucho más allá de unas meras vacaciones: playa y montaña. Sol. Calidad de vida. Y sin duda, podemos decir a los cuatro...

english · 21. octubre 2019
Winter is coming and with it comes also the change of closet. Save the skirts, and take out the jerseys because this winter, order is a must! You will already know the most famous organizer who even has a program on Netflix, but in addition to the account of Marie Kondo, there are many others on Instagram that triumph among people who seek peace in order. Are you one of them? Keep reading and discover our favorites.

español · 18. octubre 2019
Winter is coming. La calefacción comenzará a funcionar a plena potencia y supondrá (como cada invierno) un gran gasto en nuestro consumo sin importar el combustible. Según la OCU, el consumo de calefacción representa el 47% de todo el gasto energético, muy por encima de electrodomésticos como el frigorífico, la lavadora o el horno. Esta situación ha supuesto que pase de ser una cuestión a tener en cuenta en la agenda a una prioridad marcada en rojo. Así, para ahorrar en calefacción,...

español · 07. octubre 2019
La fotovoltaica se ha abierto camino en España gracias al autoconsumo. De acuerdo a los datos de Unión Española Fotovoltaica (UNEF), en 2018 se alcanzaron los 261,7 MW (megavatios) de potencia nueva, un 94% más con respecto a 2017. La cifra sigue aumentando y es que el 90% de este incremento proviene de las instalaciones fotovoltaicas.

english · 06. octubre 2019
One of the astonishing aspect of the new Spanish building regulation is the fact that although it is very much focused on saving energy, we architect are compelled to design a ventilation system in all bathrooms and kitchens to extract air from these wet rooms and inject fresh air from outside on all bedrooms and living rooms.

english · 06. octubre 2019
Things have changed from the time when buying or selling a property would mean to go to an estate agency and request the service. You would be provided with a fee which would normally be paid in case the purchase would go through.

english · 06. octubre 2019
Although it is likely that when talk about drones, military use or other military matters come to mind, the use of drones with civil, even leisure, purposes are increasingly common, and more and more applications are being found in different fields.

english · 03. octubre 2019
It is a fact that we are in a period of energy transition in Spain with a progressive change of trends in the design of thermal installations for heating and domestic hot water. we can find in the market a greater number of thermal comfort solutions, increasingly efficient and with a more significant importance of the origin of the sources of renewable energy.

english · 02. octubre 2019
In the previous article we discussed how the update of the Technical Building Code known as the “CTE” for short which is the Spanish Building Regulation, is pushing us the architects to design new buildings which must comply with Almost Null Energy Consumption Buildings or nZEB. This means buildings that will use nearly 0 none renewable energy.

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