english · 14. enero 2018
The recovery of the real estate sector, in Spain one of the most punished during the crisis, will receive a new boost in 2018.

english · 05. enero 2018
- Good morning Juan and happy new year!! ·Happy new year Peter! What can we do for you? - Well, following my brother in law’s advice, we just bought a plot inland, in a very beautiful valley and we wanted to know how much you charge to design a house for us there.

english · 02. enero 2018
This natural episode that you may witness on your window, on your doors, in the bathroom or in the kitchen occurs when water vapour in the air condenses and the drops become visible (and palpable), wetting walls and carpentry frames.

english · 26. diciembre 2017
So you think that that the price of the properties is again rising out of control?

english · 26. diciembre 2017
Although we do not suffer the extreme cold f northern countries, there are at least a couple of months that our homes in the Costa may require to be heated and it is important before we select a heating system to have a few facts clear.

english · 01. diciembre 2017
Do you imagine owning a dome-house and live anywhere?

english · 25. noviembre 2017
Useful indications to carry out changes in a home and comply with the new stringent Spanish regulations on accessibility.

english · 16. noviembre 2017
Robotics is invading our homes little by little, and not only because the machines want to help us carry out domestic tasks or because their metallic arms make some of our furniture. Automatons are also coming to the construction sector, which little by little incorporates technological innovations already present in other areas.

english · 16. noviembre 2017
Every now and then I hear of new development in architectures that in the best of cases the idea lasts the time that it takes a colleague to analyse it and defy it.

english · 28. octubre 2017
When it comes to choosing the most suitable photovoltaic modules for a project, I am faced with countless choices in terms of quality, performance and price.

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