Dinara Kasko: the architect of the confectionery

Dinara Kasko, trained in architecture, has become the confectioner who amazes the world with her perfect and immaculate edible constructions. Her moulds are unique and with each creation, she demonstrates her love for geometric shapes.

From architecture to confectionery

The world of confectionery has always been more associated with the world of art and joy, but behind these elaborations, there is a lot of science.


Uniting different professionals from fields as disparate as mathematics, sculpture, science or architecture, Dinara Kasko shapes creations that find the exact balance between aesthetic wonder and palate delight.



As in any construction, the Dinara Kasko team takes special care of the internal structure of its gastronomic buildings and pampers the raw material in detail. The appearance of his creations seems to be made with 3D printers. Dinara Kasko turns these desserts into pieces that are embarrassing to put in your mouth.

How to find Dinara Kasko's job

The artist uses her knowledge of architecture to cook constructions that delight all our senses. On her website, in addition to marvelling at her creations, you can learn about some of her recipes.


The beauty of architecture can be applied to any area of ​​life

At Pacheco Architects we know well that architecture and beauty always go hand in hand and that can be extrapolated to all areas of life. We are fascinated by how Dinara Kasko has reinvented herself as a person and, at the same time, has reinvented confectionery to bring the beauty of architecture to this sector.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the architecture sector. To do this, we have a team of professionals and architects who are always based on the latest trends to design and build more sustainable and environmentally friendly homes.



You can visit some of our projects on our website or by visiting our YouTube channel. We offer an integral service for our clients, which goes from the design to the finished delivery of the entire project. For this reason, we accompany the client throughout the process, with which we manage to perfectly capture all his wishes and needs.

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