Architecture, is one of the protagonists in the Fallas de Valencia

Exhibitions, debates and guided tours to publicize new protagonists of Valencian architecture, are some of the activities that the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia (CTAV) proposes for this month of March.



In this article by Pacheco Architects, we are going to talk about the novelties and how architecture affects the celebration of the Fallas de Valencia.

New architects, designs, ideas and materials

The CTAV celebrates this year the failures in a very special way, and that is that, on March 6, it inaugurated the exhibition "Architectures for fire". It is inspired by that fire that is as devouring as it is ephemeral and so special for Valencians in spring. New architects, new designs, new ideas, and new materials are mixed with tradition in this innovative exhibition.


From March 6 to 20, 2018 we will be able to enjoy this exhibition in the CTAV Exhibition Hall and let ourselves be surprised by the sample.



Built during the Fallas of 2015, Ekklesia represents a temple where citizens can meet and debate. In ancient Greece, it was the name given to the Greek assembly that met once a year to decide if someone was bothering the polis.

Las Fallas

In the same cultural framework, they also organize an experimental Fallas circuit, which will take place on Saturday, March 17 at 9:00 a.m., free of charge.

The tour will meet at the CTAV and will begin with a visit to the “Architectures for Fire” exhibition accompanied by a small lunch.


“Because fire is a truth, a reality that fascinates us, an ancestral companion in our history that, in many cultures, has become a party, while we architects looked the other way and got drunk on preventive measures without seeing the other. side. of the coin.” Rafa Rivera, Valencian architect and founder of RSR Architects.

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