What is the best orientation for a house in the south of Spain?

The subject of the orientation of a house in relation to the entrance of light to the houses is a rather confusing subject, for this reason we want to inform you of the main characteristics of each of the orientations, to help you make decisions regarding the purchase or layout of your future home. You will see how it is not so complicated.

South facing - fantastic for cold climates

The orientation of a house to the south receives solar radiation throughout the day, especially in winter, when the sun has the shortest path of the year, this orientation allows the house, with good thermal insulation, to increase its energy efficiency, consequently it will drastically reduce energy consumption.

North orientation: homogeneous lighting throughout the day

We do not consider it to be the best orientation for a home, especially if it only has windows on one façade, since we will not have direct lighting on it, however, maintaining indirect and constant lighting throughout the day makes this orientation ideal. for offices, shops, restaurants, garages among others. Energy consumption for air conditioning can be reduce in very hot regions. This orientation accompanied by an east façade, for example, would be ideal for zones with warm climates.

East facing, sun in the mornings

Ideal for homes where we want the sun to shine in the morning until noon, we can consider it the second-best option after the south, especially in hot climates, since we will not have solar irradiation throughout the day.

West orientation, last cardinal point to analyse

West-facing homes receive direct sunlight after noon, it is the second-best alternative for cold climates since it allows you to take advantage of the sun's heat and maintain a warm temperature, saving on heating during the afternoon and at night, but it is in hot climates You have to consider that those hours are the hottest.


In short, so that there are no doubts, the facades facing south receive direct sun throughout the day, those facing east receive light in the morning, west in the afternoon and north... the north does not receive direct light.



Thus, depending on where we live, we can consider some orientations better than others, in cold climates of the northern hemisphere, the best option in our opinion is the southwest, while, in hot climates such as Murcia, a house facing northwest is It would allow a good regulation of the temperature.

And for you, what is the best orientation of a house?

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