How to design your garden. Part 2.

Summer is coming and therefore the start-up of your terrace, porch or garden, we must prepare ourselves to enjoy long days and evenings outdoor and for this we bring some interesting ideas to get the most out of your common spaces. We hope that these decoration ideas will inspire you to improve your gardens and if in any case you are late, our team is here to help you.

Manage to take advantage of the space of the outside area of ​​your home

A chillout space

An integrated chillout: a great idea and very resilient indeed. Creating an outdoor space for enjoyment and family gatherings is a "must". In this case, as ideas to decorate such space, we recommend using cushions in a maximum of three different shades, light colours but with covers that allow them to be washed.

A small outdoor kitchen

A small outdoor kitchen. In summer we spend most of our lives outdoors and many times we have guests who come to enjoy the pool or garden and as good hosts that you are, you always offer an appetizer, so as not to be making unnecessary trips recently out of the pool and for greater comfort what better than having a small kitchen with a bar in the garden, where you can store the kitchenware, have a small fridge and even a sink to leave everything as if no one had been there.

An outside dining room

An outdoor dining room, we must create a space for long lunches and dinners in the open air, to be able to deal with the famous after-meal conversations, we recommend using comfortable seats, that is, with backrests and armrests, we leave the stools to the picnic areas. We can manage to create a more intimate and relaxed space by separating it from the rest of the spaces through vegetation, cacti of different heights, a cypress hedge, leafy Ficus.


It is essential to protect ourselves from the sun and heat

Protecting ourselves from the sun and heat is essential if we want to use that space to eat outdoors, protecting ourselves from UV rays by means of large umbrellas, irregularly shaped awnings that allow drawings to be intertwined, or even cane or heather pergolas or camouflage awnings. military, creating very attractive games of light and shadow.

Good lighting

In the evenings, good lighting is essential, solar lights to illuminate trees without spending energy or having to look for light sources, they are ideal for making the garden shine when the sun goes down, they create a sophisticated atmosphere.


To enjoy an outdoor dinner, we recommend installing lamps with warm light, you can try to make a set of lamps, placing odd numbers at different heights on the table, natural fibres are the best ally to show off a rustic-chic environment, or if you prefer, you can draw different lines with lanterns or party lights, they never fail.



If you need personalized advice to design your garden, you can contact us without obligation and we will advise you step by step on all your options. If you want to see some of our projects in 3D, as we present them to our clients, you can visit our YouTube channel.

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