Instagram accounts dedicated to order addicts | Part 1 |

Winter is coming and with it comes also changing of clothes. Put away the skirts, jerseys etc  because this winter, order is a must!


You will already know the most famous organizer who even has a program on Netflix, but in addition to the account of Marie Kondo, there are many others on Instagram that triumph among people who seek peace in order. Are you one of them? Keep reading and discover our favorites.


21 days... @ordenylimpiezaencasa


Following up to #21diasparatenertucasaenorden you will learn not only to put order in the children's room, but also to organize the weekly menu or fold vertically. Alicia Iglesias, in addition to being a faithful follower of zero waste, will help you in your IG account to learn ordering and cleaning routines, detachment from physical objects and everything that has to do with those routines that are so lacking in every house. Do you dare to change your house in less than a month? Your @ordenylimpiezaencasa account already has 96.6K followers. At your disposal in Madrid or by Skype.

Simply... @simplyorganized


This is the account of Samantha Pregenzer. Their advice is classified by rooms: bathrooms, offices, kitchens, dressing rooms or even garages (of the latter she is a specialist). Photo by photo you will learn that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to organize your house, because it even shows you its DIYS so as not to have to spend money on the order.


Zero excuses! If you are not afraid to dare with new formulas, this is your account and that of 197K followers. 

Closet capsule - @ordenyconcierto


"When my oldest daughter was born, I dedicated a lot of time to prepare the room, I bought and friends gave me presents that I didn't use then or later, and that meant unnecessarily accumulating, disorder, disorganization ... I would have avoided all that if I had been clear in advance what I was going to really need, and above all, where in the house or room each one of them was going to go. When my second child was born I simplified much more! On Friday at 18:00 in @elcorteinglespt of Alicante, I will be giving some tips of order and organization to help you in this vital process that involves receiving the arrival of the baby home! I wait for you!" @ordenyconcierto


Ana Samper preaches to the four winds to prioritize and give up are the foundation of a good system of organization. Faithful follower of the "closet capsule" philosophy, she encourages us to reduce our dressing room to only 33 clothes that must be changed every 3 months.


A great way to save money buying only what is necessary, time in the morning deciding the model, and life to devote to other things. From Alicante, Ana organizes her clients' cabinets and shares tricks and videos on Instagram so you don't lose any detail. Follow her and face the changing closet with joy. Your favorite hashtag? #simmiedoaldesorden.

"To me, pantry love looks something like this - pull everything out, check for expired product, contain subcatgories of items into bins (think broad categories!) and label it all!!⁣


Does your pantry need a little love? If yes, what would you like to change?⁣"


Sometimes your fridge is chaos and you can't find a way to create peace? Maybe this profile helps you and you find practical advice. Too much food?

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