How much does the bathroom reform cost?

Floors, coverings, toilets, furniture: these are the factors that influence the price of bathroom renovation. Comprehensive reform of the bathroom requires some investment that should weigh thoroughly before launching into a bargain or, conversely, to devote more resources than necessary driven by the fear that cheap comes out expensive. 

We can easily estimate the cost of bathroom renovation knowing the square meters of space. The facilities are usually standard and vary only in aesthetic matters such as bidet or not, shower, bath or both ... What may increase the price of the reform of the bathroom are the tiled floors and the bathrooms. The most usual size of a bathroom is usually about 2 x 2 m. Taking into account all these factors, and considering average prices, the integral reform of the bathroom could be estimated at around 4.000€, variable depending on the type of coating you want to put on or the line of toilets.


There is another factor that is important to consider: the possibility of renewing plumbing and electricity facilities during the reform of the bathroom. It is necessary to evaluate if it is necessary to replace existing ones or change connections to give a price of the bathroom reform. This can mean up to 25% of the total cost of the project.


An important departure in the reform of the integral bath goes in the pavements and coatings of the walls, since they require materials that bear well the particular conditions of humidity that present these stays.


Ceramic materials are the most used in bathroom renovations and its great diversity of models leads to a huge variety of prices. We can find ceramic tiles from 30€ per square meter and stoneware flooring from 50€.

Whatever the chosen piece, we have some tips that must be taken into account before making the decision on the reform of the bathroom and the final budget. There are many prices and manufacturers, so the choice of one piece or another will depend on our budget to enjoy a renovated bathroom.


The materials and equipment that are chosen will also influence the cost of the labor needed to reform the bathroom. In a choice of standard equipment, the allocation in the budget between materials and labor is usually 50/50. The percentage is decompensated, if we choose high-end pieces. That is, the higher the quality of materials, the ratio can be 70/30 between materials and labor, respectively.


Around 30% of the budget for bathroom renovations goes to workforce. In the budgets for a reform company there are many factors that have to be considered. One of them is, for example, to upload the material that is bought to the work, something that is not usually valued but that has its importance if we compare it with the distribution companies that leave you with the pallet in the street.

During the years of economic crisis, partial bathroom renovations have been very common; Many people have decided to change the bathtub by shower, for example. The important thing is that all aspects are studied to avoid future problems that require another bathroom reform. Another thing that can be done with little money to give a facelift to the bathroom is to update the toilets, faucets or sink without changing the distribution or position. The old coatings can be painted or papered and a bathroom reform without work.


It is possible to give a different look to the bathroom only with the change of the taps or the sanitary elements without investing much, choosing elements that do not require a modification of the facilities.


Before embarking on the reform of the bathroom, it is advisable to request several detailed budgets that include the same concepts, to be able to compare them. We recommend asking at least 3. It is always preferable to have things clear and that everyone presupposes the same; This is only achieved if you hire a professional who does a blind measurement with qualities, square meters and flat, which prevents many subsequent headaches.


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