All you wanted to know about renting your Spanish home to tourists and are dead scared to ask

Much has been said about renting a property to tourists in Spain and much more has been kept quite because of fear and perhaps because the new legislation has not been fully understood.


I thought that the best way to clear out the uncertainties around this subject was to obtain the information from the horse’s mouth so I have obtained the latest information from the official page of the Valencian Regional Authorities on the subject but rather than start reciting here a long list of laws and regulations I have obtained the most common questions asked to the Valencian Authorities and translate them directly here. Here you can see the original version of those questions and answered.





First thing first,,,,.

Just a couple of regulations that you should know about.

The Decree 30/1993 of the Valencian Consell approved the first Regulation on Apartments, Tourism, Villas, Chalets, Bungalows and similar, which gave birth to a modality of tourist accommodation different from that to hotel establishments and tourist camps.

More than fifteen years later, the Decree 92/2009, of July 3, of the Consell, approved a new regulation regulating on tourist housing and of the management companies,


or physical persons, dedicated to the letting of their homes to tourist, in the Valencian Region however this decree has been modified by three subsequent Decrees: 206/2010, of 3 December; 22/2012, of January 27; and 75/2015, of May 15.


Question answered by the Valencian authorities on touristic homes.


·         I plan to rent one or more properties that I own in the Valencia Region to tourists. What do I have to do?

Obtain the corresponding registration number for the dwelling (s) in the General Register of Tourism Companies, Establishments and Professions of the Valencian Community (hereinafter The Registrar), by submitting a “responsible declaration”.


·         Does the registration process for a single dwelling differ from that of several?

People may process registrations, modifications of up to four tourist homes using the new electronic platform of the Autonomous Government, click here to read it.


Unless these homes have a capacity greater than 16 bed places or are on undeveloped land (agricultural land or “Rustic Land” as it was known many years ago), in which case the process will have to be done through the official digital platform which is shown here, or by the old face-to-face procedure by going to an official Valencian office.


If you manage more than five properties and wish to register them you must register as a management company: in that case all the regulations, procedures and responsible declaration is available from the latter process may exceptionally, be done in person (face to face), you can find more information about it here.


·          Can you register any home? What requirements do I have to meet?

The house must have an “occupation license” or occupancy certificate and must be sufficiently furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances and equipment for immediate occupation, and in perfect sanitary conditions. The mandatory requirements according to the category can be found in Annex I of Decree 92/2009, of July 3, of the Valencian Authorities and can be found in the following link.


If the property is located on undeveloped land, an urban planning procedure must be previously processed (Declaration of Community Interest or exceptionally exempted from it). The procedure to follow depends on the specific characteristics of the house and its location, so you must request information at the Town Hall where the tourist home is located.


·         OK, what is the cost for this registration process?

The cost from Tourism Office is € 0, except for the cost of acquiring a copy of the “claim sheets” that you must have in a visible place in your home and the cost of making the official badge that have to be shown on the property.


·         Where can the so called “claim sheets” be obtained?

The holders of establishments, companies and/or professionals can acquire them in the Territorial Services of Commerce and Consumption, (Servicios Territoriales de Comercio y Consumo) previous payment of the rates the sheets of claims; The payment for the “claim sheets can be obtained at the following link.


If you need the mandatory sign indicating the existence of the claim forms, you can access here, down loaded it and print it directly (link: ) .


Should I advertise the registration number?

Yes, both the registration number assigned to each dwelling and its category must be included in all types of advertising that you may carried out. If it is a management company that manages different dwellings in the same building, it is sufficient to publicize the registration number of the management company and must have a duly updated list where each advertised dwelling is identified with its registration number.

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