Homify publishes our house in La Nucia in their magazine

Homify, the best online platform for architecture, building, decoration and interior design, has published an outstanding article in their magazine about our project in La Nucía, Alicante. 

We did this architecture project in 2016, following the guidelines of our client, who wanted to build an exemplary villa with a tight budget. We like to propose and work new styles and not close ourselves in the limits of comfort, so we recommended certain features that the client accepted with pleasure. 


The house has a solar thermal system that supplies hot water to the entire house by solar energy, as well as including thermal insulation in the facade with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of the villa.


In this project, we tried to keep up the natural vegetation, whenever possible, and we also carefully chose a classification of native vegetation to the Alicante region, which requires little attention as far as water is concerned. We also install an automatic drip irrigation system to reduce maintenance efforts. 


One of the most notable features of this construction is that the house has an open living room, a luxury because it provides brightness and communicates in an attractive way the interior of the house with the outside. Directly, their owners can access the garden and the pool through sliding glass doors in the living room


The living room is the heart of this house, and one of our great objectives was that our client and his family could enjoy the wonderful Spanish climate. More than 3000 hours of sun per year and mild temperatures (even in winter), with an annual average of more than 19 º.



One of our great commitments is to work closely with all our clients, and offer them the best of us. We want to develop each project in detail and give a personal approach to the design, always making sure to satisfy the particular demands of each of them. 


We have carried out large projects such as the Rehabilitation of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes in Barcelona and the design and construction of Inacua in Murcia, the largest sports complex in eastern Spain; but we also did smaller reforms and individual projects like this one in La Nucía and this house in La Manga Club.


Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of our customers and take into account their present and future needs, always at the service of architecture and design. Therefore, we carefully choose every detail in the construction, but also our workers. That's why, today, we have an excellent team made up of designers, interior designers, engineers and, of course, architects.

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