Painting, the best choice to renovate a home without any building works

When a quick renovation is required be it to sell the property or simply because you are tired of seeing the same house year in and year out, a lick of paint could do miracles.


Painting is your best ally to renew the look of your old house without the need of building works and with a minimum investment.


What colours are best?

I don’t think that we can say that any colour is better than any other, however we can say that there are a few colours that are more widely accepted than others, so if you still do not have a colour scheme very clear in your mind, it may be interesting to look at some colours that are safer, such as white, cream or even grey. Here below I present five colours that will give your house a renewed and elegant air.



If your home is small or dimly lit, (difficult here in Spain) or with little thermal insulation do not hesitate; paint walls, ceilings and everything you can in white. White colour is one of the best bets for interiors; in addition, it is also an excellent option when you want to highlight certain features or a part of a space. For example if you have an excellent laminated floor in wood colour. The white on the walls will make the space to vibrate much more and will visually increase the size of the room. White is an excellent manner to convey simplicity and elegance at the same time. It is not surprising, therefore, that the so called Scandinavian decor is a must. Also, you can contribute with colour elements by using textiles like cushions, blankets, carpets or curtains, the white will help you enormously, since it does not dissatisfy when mixed with any other colour.


The top sell in any country in the world is the cream colour. On its side it must be said that painting with cream colours is, above all, natural. It remind us of pictures as idyllic golden sand of paradisiacal beaches. We can say that, like white paint, it manages to make the rooms larger visually. It allows the total circulation of light from outside. However, at night, with the right lighting design, this colour will make a space become magical. The artificial light will expand therein resulting in an environment with golden dyes.



At first, it might appear that grey is a cold colour. Nothing is further from reality specially if we select a warm tone of grey. We are facing a tone that will bring balance and sophistication, and is able to respect the natural light of the rooms, always in their clearest tones of course. If you choose to paint all the walls of light grey, you can introduce colour without problem of clashing with almost any textile, paying special attention to bright colours patterns. Another interesting combination could be that of grey with natural fibres, such as carpets or rattan lamps and wickerwork in general, as browns add warmth to the colder part of the grey.



Please take my word, black is one of the most difficult colours to use in interior decoration. However it does not cease to be interesting; if we leave aside the negative connotations we might have about it. We will realize the elegance and personality it conveys in any environment. If your house has large rooms and it is very well lit, you can paint part of the rooms in black. However, if your living room, dining room or kitchens are small, better opt for a combination of black and white. Another advantage is that black colour is ideal for minimalist environments and even with a certain Zen touch. As with grey or white, black combines seamlessly with any other colour.


 Soft colour tones

The soft colours tones arrived a few years ago and it seems that are here to stay. These colours are characterized by their pastel notes. Thus, mainly, pink, blue and green are used, resulting in relaxing and serene spaces. They are ideal for those people who suffer from stress, or at least that is what the psychology of colour points out.

If you want to know what this season colour is, try the “mint” tone. Although not as intense as the Greenery (Pantone colon 2017), it brings us closer to that green world that a great number of people seems to have fallen in love with these last months.


Please note

Remember that before going wild brush in hand or even if you are just trying out a colour in a small space I always recommend lining any existing furniture with plastic or use a double layer of old sheets. Removing all walls of screws, shelves etc. Also before going crazy do a small colour test confirming that the chosen tone is suitable for that specific area.


The average price budgeted by professionals registered in Habitissimo to paint a living room of 20m² is about 480 euros. The average time for carrying out the work is about one day. (Done professionally).

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