How to design the perfect kitchen. Part 1

This idea has been reintroduced over the years, and today a kitchen should offer more than functionality: it should be the centre of family reunion, sometimes replacing the function of the dining or living room.

Anyone who has ever organised a party in their own home knows that no matter how comfortable and inviting the sofa and a fireplace may be, where everyone ends up meeting is in the kitchen. In fact I consider it is possible to determine the degree of friendliness of the people gathered in a home by the time they spend around the kitchen.


Where can I find an inspiration?

From modern to classic, from extravagant to minimalist: Just Google "Kitchens" “images” and innumerable ideas and inspiration on how to decorate a kitchen for all tastes will be seen. Although portals such as Instagram,  Houzz,. Inhabitat etc have better and more up to date styles.

Moreover in those portals if you see a kitchen that you like, with a single click you can add the photograph to your book of ideas. Books of ideas are used to collect inspiration. You can add or delete photos at any time, as well as change your order manually. In addition, text fields that are predefined in idea books allow you to include personal comments to your favourite projects. The idea books already created are stored automatically in your profile so you always have all your ideas in sight.


How do I start designing a kitchen?

There are different styles with which you can decorate a kitchen. Since space must primarily reflect our individuality, it is first essential to define your own personality or taste. Once this point is clear, you can start making decisions regarding colour, layout and style of cooking that we want to use. Do you want a kitchen with an island or, on  just a standard kitchen? Do we want to bet on shiny finishes or do we prefer soft ones? What kind of flooring combines best with the selected kitchen surfaces?


 The biggest challenge in planning a kitchen is to know how to combine taste and functionality. I will unveil some of my tricks to combine everything and provide you with some inspiration.

I know that the term perfection when referring to kitchens is a subjective concept, accepting that each of us has a different idea of what would be an ideal kitchen, everyone agrees, however, that kitchens should be the heart of every home. 


Let’s decorate our kitchen in an easy way.

Although to decorate a kitchen we will always put our personal preferences first, there are basic rules that can be followed when designing the kitchen in order to get the most space and achieve an acceptable aesthetic. When designing a kitchen, or any other stay in the house, it is important to be faithful to the personal style of each house or internal space, as long as we take into account the conditions of our space, such as ceiling height shape of the kitchen, type of work space or the depth of the cabinets, for example will dictate the way to go forward as our kitchen should fit comfortably within those limitations. For example a narrow kitchen space will perhaps tell me to heighten the length of the counters but selecting a top quality work top.

And how can we decorate our kitchen without too many complications? A modular kitchen is the best and most economical option combining all the elements according to our wishes. It does not matter if we decide for an "L" or U-shaped kitchen, for a kitchen island or for an American kitchen, just break down the spaces into smaller part i.e. washing, cooking, dining areas etc and then deal with each one separately.


The importance of the surfaces.

If we have already decided on the shape of the kitchen, and the amount of individual spaces the next step is the choice of materials. If we finally settle for glass, paint, steel, wood or plastic, it will be a matter of both price and taste. In addition to the durability of the material, you must consider other aspects, such as texture and colours before making a decision. Generally, what works best for kitchen walls are simple designs that do not become out of fashion over a short period of time and are also easier to maintain. However, when it comes to possible combinations, do not be afraid to mix materials! Thus, an aluminium refrigerator easily combines with lacquered cabinets, or smooth granite my combines with a wooden floor.


What colours do I choose for the walls?


As for colours of the kitchen walls, you can already experiment a little more. Since painting the kitchen walls is a much faster and a more economical process than replacing cabinet doors, it is much easier to introduce cheerful colours to the kitchen through your walls. In this way, the kitchens can be updated providing a different tone with a few brush strokes. On the other hand, dark colours walls make light kitchens furniture stand out even more. We can use this option when the kitchen furniture is expensive and we want to direct people attention to it. Bright colours add an extra to simpler furniture. So before replacing the entire kitchen, we can first try to give a new coat of paint to the walls and see what you think.

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