The ideal home for the Brits

Following my last article I have immersed myself in this study by RE / MAX Europe to fish out some more valuable info and this below is what I have found.


It must have a garden and a pool; with a large dressing room; with garage for at least three vehicles; with home cinema; heliport ... as it is mentioned in a traditional Spanish lottery advertising campaign "We do not have cheap dreams" or maybe yes? 


The Brits prefer...

According to this study by RE / MAX Europe 8,000 people from 16 European countries, the Brits have clear what would be their dream home: it must be detached. This is the response given by 74.2% of the people interviewed; to own a flat was the second option (21.4%).


But this ideal home would have to have very defined characteristics. For example, the extension, would range between 60-120 meters, (24.2% of Brits who participated in the report), with 60 to 80 meters were the ideal property dimension for a 17.78%.


As for the question of ownership or lease, the Brits continue to opt for the former. 83% of Brits respondents preferred a house in ownership; 52% a houses and apartment 31%. Rent is chosen by 17%, mainly on a flat (11%) and in a detached house (6%).


Space to relax

The collective imagination will design a dream house as a mansion with dozens of rooms and bathrooms, but this study concludes that the Brits are much more realistic. The ideal home would be completed with a total of four rooms (36.6%) or could even organize themselves in three (25% of the interviewed).


Beyond the setting up of housing, other important aspects for the Brits are the inclusion of a garage space(64%), followed by the importance of having their own room to work in or to isolate themselves (53, 6%), plus it must incorporates a balcony or terrace (50.2%).


Among the selection criteria when choosing a property, good communication with public transport within 10 minutes walk (48.8%) as well as the proximity of parks or green public spaces another (46.8%).


 OK now that we have our dream home

Once we have our dream home ready to move in, the question of who would be our ideal partner comes into play. The classic patterns of the couple and the family are repeated, but the option to share with room-mates is only viable for 7.2% of respondents.


This study not only analysed the tastes of the Brits, but also sets the preferences of most Europeans. The trends are very similar, as three out of four Europeans want to own and live in a single family home. In turn, 16% said that their ideal home would be an apartment property, compared to 4% who prefer to live in rented single family home and another 4% also opts for rent, but in an apartment.


Nearly two thirds of European interviewed (61%) own a house in which they live. 25% live in an owned apartment, while 36% in a single house. Almost 39% live in a rented property.


Size matters

However, Europeans have different ideas about how the space is configured in a dream house. While most said their ideal home would have five rooms (excluding kitchen, bathroom and living room), the study also shows a wide range of answers when it comes to size depending on nationality. The Portuguese are those who dream of more square meters (211 to be exact) and the Turks need up 164 square meters. Can you guess what nationality claims to have a lowest pretension as to the size of their dream home? Yes you guessed it correctly!! The people from the United Kingdom placed the size of their dream house at only 80 square meters. Although the average size of a house for most Europeans is 131 square meters.


The most important five conditions

Europeans also identified five characteristics that their ideal property must have: to have a room for individual use (59%), the availability of a parking space nearby (58%), proximity to green spaces (52% ), to have a balcony or terrace (50%) and proximity to public transport (44%).


In general, women are clearly more demanding than men when it comes to idealize their property. They classified all these features and also are more concerned with nearby schools and shops and to have its own garden.


When asked to share their houses, the rest of Europe is also very reluctant, because only 12% imagine living with room-mates.

Now, would anyone not agree that this is extremely surprising and fascinating information?


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