Relationship between height and price of property

A first floor gets dirty is and can be very noisy and a sixth floor?


What will happen if the lift breaks down...it is painfully hard to climb eight storeys, especially for older people, or young couples with children or when loaded with the weekly shopping. Obviously is not the same living on the ground floor or in eighth floor, having a private courtyard or having to live with the noise from the lift machine room on the top floor of a building.


Although all options have advantages and disadvantages, the current data indicate that the general trend is to consider that the higher the floor is, the higher the quality of life. Therefore, as indicated in this article, the general condition of the dwelling together with its height has become one of the key factors in establishing the price of a house.


Selling a house has become mission impossible for hundreds of expats. But, if the apartment is situated above the third floor, they will find it easier. The sell posters that fill the windows of real estate agents offering homes for sale incorporate four or five housing facts, and one of them is always its height.


According to experts, most Spaniards and Expats prefer to live on a high floor rather than a first or second floor given the choice.


Next to the square meters, number of rooms and the existence of terrace, parking space or lifts, height is one of the important elements that, in many cases, act as a key factor in tipping the balance toward either end. Although there is a clear and realistic quantification of the increase in economic value on equal square meters of floors, real estate experts say the height has a clear effect on the price of a home, which begins to rise from the third or fourth floor upwards.


Advantages and disadvantages of living in a top storey home.

Although experts say most people prefer to live on a higher floor, this option also has its counterparts. Apart from the curious fact revealed by a study carried out by an allergy service of a Valladolid hospital, according to which people living in high households have a higher risk of pollen allergy than they do on lower floors, to reside in higher floors has other drawbacks.


Among them the worst on the minds of the future purchaser for not buying a high floor apartment is the discomfort of going up and down stairs if the lift breaks down. In addition, there is always the thought of having to evacuate these homes in an emergency; tall buildings withstand worst wind and unless the external joinery is of good quality, the none stop music of whistling wind through the joinery fissures can be a nuisance at midnight, and even at much higher altitudes, horizontal oscillations could occur.


What advantages are there?

A top floor has a better view and better sunlight, that is for sure.

Light, better views, less noise ... The advantages of living in a top floor apartment are accepted, and most valued by buyers. These characteristics are what cause that in general, prices are higher in homes that are above the third or the fourth floor. So, who owns a high floor home suffers less noise and less pollution from the adjacent roads and has better ventilation. But above all, the higher is a home the better views and sunlight it has, consequently there is less need for artificial lighting.


Living in a home on a top floor with lots of natural light is one of the more appreciated qualities by most Expats, a feature that is found most often in the upper apartments. But besides the height, depending on the tastes, needs, budget and borrowing capacity of each individual, there are other factors that influence and often determine the choice to purchasing a home:

  • Situation: close to work and school for the children to spend the least possible time in displacements. Also, it is highly valued to live in a safe neighbourhood and close to services, facilities, public transport and parkland.
  • Good distribution of the property, no long corridors and little usable areas.
  • Spacious rooms.
  • Availability of parking and good and ample lifts in the building.
  • Style, age and condition of the building: it is important to show a solid structure.
  • Not to have a very high cost in maintenance so that it isn`t too costly to maintain the property.

All factors have an influence on the price of houses and its height shouldn`t be under considered.

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