Quick guid on how to buy a property

I don`t know you, but when I first bought my flat I was immersed into a sea of paper work, fees and administration problems which I didn´t expect.


I thought it would be handy to design a quick little guide to buy a property which you can keep in your pocket and every now and then you can take a quick look so that you don't lose track of what you are suppose to be doing through the process.


Before buying you have to find the ideal home, but ... how?

The first thing is to reduce your search to a particular type of housing, then go to visit them and choose the best. To narrow your search, consider the following criteria:

  • How much money do you have? Do you have an account CSH? Are you going to sell your old house? What is your initial capital? And what is your ability to borrow?
  • What house do you exactly want? First residence or second home; new or second-hand; location, size, quality ...
  • Who should you be talking to if...? You want a subsidized house? Are you going to join a cooperative? Would you prefer to have intermediaries or act on your own?

When you have already defined the type of home you want to buy and go to visit them, look very closely to choose the best, so the wool is not pulled over your eyes.

At the moment of buying.

At the time of purchase it is very important to feel secure against any possible fraud; here are the key points you shouldn't lose sight of.

You know everything you want to know about mortgage loans? In any case do obtain all the leaflets from different banks and keep them in a safe place. There are calculators that will help predict the characteristics of your own propose home loan in the web. Consult them they are very useful.

Did you know that it is not obligatory to have official deeds? Discover the advantages of the deeds, what could happen if you do not have them notarised and all the steps that must be taken to perform this procedure.

The total cost of buying your home is not only the selling price of the property: there are more expenses to have to cater for. Would you like to know which? See below.

On new housing.

A new or first-hand housing is housing that has never been sold before.


As a new purchase, you have the possibility to choose its features and finishes more freely.If you buy from plans or while it is under construction, you may be able to make certain modifications in line with your tastes and needs.


Normally, new homes are more expensive than second hand. As a first purchase, it is subject to VAT: 7%.

Second hand.

A second-hand housing is housing that has already been transmitted on one or more occasions. Usually this will be a home and used, but it can happen that they maybe unused (for example, if the previous owner bought off plan or under construction, and at the time of the acquisition has not yet finished building).

An advantage

In principle, owned homes are often cheaper than new ones. Occasionally, exciting opportunities to be able to seize appear.

One drawback

If you choose a resale home, consider its condition and possible reforms you may have to do:

Make a first check of the most visible parts (carpentry, plumbing, etc.), it will be more difficult to make a claim for possible defects.

You should commission a professional to advise you about the state of the facilities (pipelines, electricity, gas ...) and structure (beams, pillars...). To assess the housing, you also have to consider whether or not the furniture is included.

After buying.

When you have already bought your home, you just have to take some steps before you move in. Have you purchased a new home and want to connect the services of water, electricity, gas ...? Have you bought a resale home and want to make reforms?

Imagine that you've bought your home, you have taken the necessary steps to inhabit and, just after settle on it, you discover defects that you have not seen before ... As if you'll come across something unexpected in your home newly acquired, you should obtain information about any possible guarantees that you may need later.


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