How to inform your local thief that your home is empty

I thought that it was August the month when burglars work full time but returning back home last night, I found the police in the communal staircase with his writing pad in hand taking notes from one of my neighbours. There has been a break in.

Once the police finished with his protocol I did ask him if there would be any way to stop these breaks in, the police officer gave me a big smile and said; don't tell the thieves you are away!! 


Surely no sane person will do that? He then explained the usual clues used by the local thief to find out if a home is empty.

To announce with great fan fare that you are on holiday through social networks or large amounts of mail in the mailbox are obvious signs telling thieves that the house is deserted

This article talks about some mistakes that are usually made by homeowners and how they notify burglars that they are on vacation. So to take notes and try to prevent them, it is the best way to avoid an unpleasant surprise on the return journey.

Thefts in apartments are not uncommon, and even less when they are not empty. Therefore, it is important not to give clues to robbers on when you're on vacation or away. There are many tips but, if it is detected early, preventing a burglary when you are away will be easier.

1. Don't announce it through the social networks.

New technologies have generated many people to open a Twitter account or Facebook which can capture series of comments. However, any negligence on social networks gives the necessary indications on the temporary evacuation of the house. To avoid this problem, it is advisable (and wise) to refrain from making comments related to holidays and even less to provide graphic material on the routes that you will take.

Nor should one provide generous comments about one's vacation plans in the mail, especially if you do not have sufficient security measures to preserve some privacy on the conversations. Any virus, Trojan or worm will encourage other people to access the email account and detect your intentions for this summer or other vacation period.

2. Proofs of absence

Any abnormal storage of documents (letters, magazines, brochures, etc.), both in the mailbox and on front door will be unmistakable be a sign that the house is unoccupied. There are other details that can reveal that the house is empty. From removing the doormat, totally shut blinds, collected awnings on the terrace, and similar circumstances certainly indicate that there are no owners on site. This info can be used by those who love other's people properties.

The solution is simple: entrust a relative or neighbour to pick the post up regularly to transmit an image of normality, as when the property is occupied.

3. Spreading comments in the neighbourhood

It is too common to give details and dates of our own vacation at the bakery, pharmacy, supermarket or other shopping centre in the neighbourhood where one resides. On these places, however, for sure there will be outsiders with their ears peeled. It is, therefore, an irresponsible action to make these comments in a public place, as the thieves could collect this information to commit the offense or pass it to others.

Intentions to go on holidays should only be shared but with people we trust: relatives, friends and close neighbours. Only in this way it will ensure that the information does not pass to others, and may use it to rob our home. You never know how far comment can get.

4. Faced with the loss of keys and not changing the lock.

If, for any case, the set of house keys are lost, a serious error will be committed if something is not done to fix it. The keys are the passport for someone to enter with all facilities. The sensible thing is to change speedily the lock core to avoid unnecessary complications during the holidays. This is done by unscrewing just one bolt.

5. Electric Meters

The new electric counters can be the decisive tool to reveal an absence, because they record activity in housing and indicate that it is empty. The strategy here will be to step up security measures so that nobody can access the property, with the collaboration of other neighbours.

6. Poor security measures

Despite all the measures that can be taken to not suffer a burglary at home, w will never be free of these criminal actions. The most effective strategy to avoid a nasty surprise is to install an alarm system during the period that the property will be empty. It will be a financial outlay, which varies between 30 and 120 Euros per month, depending on the technology used and the tasks contracted out with the alarm company.

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