How much does it cost to build a house in Spain | Final part

           Villa en proceso de construcción en Torrevieja
Villa en proceso de construcción en Torrevieja

To proceed with last week article on the costs of materials and labour involve in building a house in Spain, this week we will provide a break down of all prices entailed  in that activity.


Let me say however that the prices made available here will varied depending on the need and personal circumstances of the suppliers and contractor employed, so please view these prices as a guide only and not as an exact bill of quantities.


I have to say however, that I have performed a complete measurement of all items required to build a typical house as described below, so although it is intended to be used as a guide the work has been done professionally and accurately.  

Let us first imagine a particular type of house so that the theoretical house can be measured and quantified. Let us firs give answers to the questions presented on last week article.


So, we are dealing here with a typical Spanish country home construction, built to comply with all legal regulations, especially with those dealing with energy savings. This hypothetical house is erected on one floor within a building plot 300m2 in size, with all services connected to the plot.


To be more exact, below we have provided a description of the different aspects taken into account to produce the costs. As I mentioned before, a complete bill of quantities have been produced for this article, together with all the costs involved in the construction of this house.


Please let me know if any reader has any queries on any aspect of the prices or if any reader needs a more accurate breakdown of costs. 

  • Type of construction: Let us suppose that we have an individual house and not an apartment etc.
  • General Market situation: In recession.
  • Access to site: Easy.
  • Site topography: Almost on a horizontal plane.
  • Exact location of site: Jacarilla: (Alicante)
  • House shape: Rectangular shape, bungalow type.
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: Two bedrooms, one bath room and one guest’s W.C.
  • Finishes: To choose from high quality, average and basic finishes we have opted for average finishes.
  • Type of soil for foundation excavation: Let us say, compacted sand.
  • Type of structure: Reinforced concrete frame with concrete slabs.
  • Installation services: Let us installed all central heating pipes but no main boiler or radiators, this is normally done in Spain as most pipes are recessed in the walls but we do not want to spend money on boilers or radiators at this stage but we may do it in the near future without having to spoil wall finishes. We do have however up to 70% of all our sanitary hot water heating from thermal solar panels, needed by law now days. No gas installation, we will use the old butane gas bottle.
  • Type of façade construction: Cavity brick wall with thermal insulation, double glazed aluminium windows and our walls are rendered out side and plastered internally.
  • Type of roofs: Let us say we have a mixed roof with a portion with double pitched roof finished off with round Roman tiles and another portion of flat roof to be used as a solarium.
  • Finishes: Floors and bathrooms and kitchen walls are covered with ceramic tiles.

With these elements decided on, we are able to provide an estimate of the total cost of construction and this cost should be pretty accurately within the standard local market price.


Let us see the prices divided in main sections. 

1 Plot preparation and removal of top soil, etc.

2.869,30 €
2 Foundations
4.908,81 €
3 Structure
21.619,00 €
4 Façades
18.432,99 €
5 Internal partitions
9.693,01 €
6 Installations and services
15.306,92 €
7 Roofs
6.336,29 €
8 Finishes
14.472,70 €
9 Equipment for bathrooms and kitchen
4.676,09 €
10 Plot finishing off, fencing, etc. (Plot size 300m2)
19.949,65 €
11 Quality control and site testing of materials
723,90 €

12 Safety and health at work including provisional toilets and

showers for workes, helmets, etc.

12.183,48 €

Subtotal of material and labours cost
131.172,27 €

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