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Pacheco & Asociados goes to the Middle  East.

A very special luxury villa has been designed to fit in the east of Riyadh 

Pacheco & Asociados presents their new design for a mansion at Mosa Trajectum,  Murcia.

Pacheco & Asociados go further with their luxury villa design and produce "Casablanca" for a very special client at the urbanization Mosa Trajectum,  Murcia.

Pacheco & Asociados among the finalists and obtains an honorific mention in the international competition for the XIII century archeological arab site in San Esteban,  Murcia.

Pacheco & Asociados selected as the architects for the urbanization of Altaona Golf and Country Village. See our spectacular show villas 

Selecting an architect

80% of our clients are from overseas that is why all our staff speak English and at least one other language

Selecting an architect in Murcia, Alicante or Valencia

Selecting an architect is an important decision in any construction project. However, if you are looking to build in Spain, it is even more so. To engage the right architect around Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions of the venture.


The architect and his team can become invaluable not only in their ability to communicate easily with you, and give shape to your ideas, but also to act as liaison with local authorities and construction companies.

We work with competent and experienced builders to ensure you get top-notch quality in your final product. We provide services for design and construction of residential properties, commercial projects and construction management.


80% of all of our clients are from overseas.

With more than twenty five years of experience as architects inthe rgions of Alicante and Murcia (Costa Blanca and in Costa Cálida), we have specialize in helping the expats that is why all our staff speak at least English and one other language. 


We take the time to interact with our clients and to describe in great detail all the planning and construction process that his project will require to go through.


We know that procedures  are different and cumbersome in Spain, that is why all the bureaucratic process with local authorities required for your project is handled by our specialized staff and free of charge.


Our field of work is mostly in Murcia, Alicante and Valencia although we have projects all over Spain.


Our main partner Juan Pacheco is also a chartered architect in the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A); please follow this link and type his surname (Pacheco Moreno) for a search in the RIBA list.


To fully understand the role of an architect in Spain, what are their fees, how their work is phased, what are the questions you should ask before engaging him or her etc, please read this exhaustive article.

Our Offices and staff.

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Our experience in the field of architecture both in Costa Cáida and Costa Blanca has been varied and extensive, having built individual homes, apartment blocks...

What is an architectural project? Is the information required to construct building and obtain the necessary planning approval and building license.

You can see some of our architectural work in main projects or you can read our client testimonials. But if you want direct information, contact us for a chat.

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Al ser imposible conocer en profundidad cada caso, todos los consejos y contestaciones a la preguntas realizadas en este blog, los consejos dados son propiciado en términos generales por lo que se deberá contrastar con el asesoramiento privado de un abogado  y/o un arquitecto para estudiar en profundidad su caso.

As it is impossible to know in detail every case asked in this blog all our replies are given in good faith but we strongly suggest that you obtain private advice from a solicitor /and /or  architect who will be able to study in depth your own particular case.